Derailed by Spore

As you can see this isn’t my review of Kure-nai but it still is coming. I’ve been side-tracked this week and it’s thanks to Spore and it’s Creature Creator. Therefore, it’s getting a post along with a few odds’n’ends (and only one of them is anime related) so read at your own risk.

First up is the only anime-related thing in this post. One of the webcomics that I keep up on is called Shortpacked! and while it doesn’t normally have anything to do with anime a recent comic did make reference to anime. Below is the first two panels of the strip in question.

Go here to finish reading – Pretty funny and I guarantee you won’t figure out where the comic is going until the last panel.

On to quite possibly the most awesome comic every from xkcd. I love it so much I have to show it here but I realize that almost no one that doesn’t already follow xkcd will think it’s so but since this is an off-topic type of post I’ll do it anyways. Also, it’s probably necessary to know the discovery channel commercial it’s referencing so before reading the following strip watch the youtube video first – it’s only a minute long and by itself it’s a pretty awesome commercial.

Now the comic (I had to shrink it a bit, go here for full size):

Now onto Spore. It’s a computer game coming out in September and it’s by Will Wright (the guy that created SimCity and the Sims). The scope of Spore is huge – you start as a single celled organism at the beginning of the game and slowly evolve higher and higher to eventually being a space-faring civilization. The Creature Creator will be part of the game but they released a trial version and a pay version recently so we can get going on making creatures. The trial version has about 25% of the available content and the pay version has 75% of the final games content. I’m really tempted to get the pay version but the trial version has so much content that I think I’ll wait. Here are some pictures of different creatures that I’ve made.



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