Someday’s Dreamers Season 1 – Series Review

The ending to Kure-nai gave me a lot to think about and thus I didn’t feel like writing anything till I figured out if I liked the ending or not. I think I’m ready so to warm up, I’m going to do a couple of other series review first. Both were older series I watched for the first time recently. The first up is Someday’s Dreamers season 1.

Final Series Score: 12/12 11.5/12 Near Perfect
Rewatchablity: low – med
Pros: J.C. Staff watercolor look fits the feel of the show perfectly, likeable characters that are believeable, setting and premise helped make show feel original
Cons: none

Yume is a magic user but she doesn’t live in some sort of fantasy world, instead, she lives in a world that looks like ours and the only difference appears to be that magic exists. She travels from the country to Tokyo to finish up her training and become a licensed magic user. Even though she has great raw talent in magic there is much she still needs to learn before she is ready to be a licensed mage and that’s what drives this show. I don’t want to ruin the plot for those that haven’t seen this show yet so I won’t say anything else about the plot.

On to the biggest negative I have with the show (though it’s not really that big). Almost all anime, as most anime fans know, fall into a certain episode length categories : ~13, ~26, ~39 (rare), and ~52. At 12 episodes long, Someday’s Dreamers fits into the first category but I can’t help but wish it had run another 4-6 episodes. It’s not because anything felt rushed (it’s slice-of-life afterall) but because just as we’re really getting into the show – it finishes.

As much as I liked this show I don’t think it’s for everyone. First, I believe the source material is a shoujo manga which make some non-shoujos dislike it right off the bat. (Wiki says it’s a shounen title but I don’t quite believe that) Second, some people just don’t like slice-of-life shows and if a person already doesn’t like say Aria or Sketchbook then this show probably won’t change their mind. If neither of these are you then I’d say give this show a shot and if you like it then season 2 is coming out this summer in Japan (as seen in my summer preview).

English lessons FTW
English Lesson 4TW

Magic can let you have picnics on the moon

Anime opening

Anime ending


4 thoughts on “Someday’s Dreamers Season 1 – Series Review”

  1. Just finished watching this a few days ago myself–I’m actually not a big fan of Aria or Sketchbook, but I liked Someday’s Dreamers. It would have been nice if it ran longer as you say, but it used the episodes it was given well–for me the biggest complaint would be they didn’t really resolve anything on the romance side of things, but it still ended on a good note.

    I’m hoping the second season will be good, just a few days left…hard to believe summer’s almost here…


  2. the second season kinda sucks because it has no characters that were on season 1 like Yume. It also sucks because the backgrounds they use are motionless. The background may look all realistic but it looks like a slideshow instead of a real background that should have some movement. Looks like they just took pictures of buildings and other places in Japan and just stuck it in there.


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