Tokyo Godfathers on American TV

Just a quick note. I was channel surfing last night and on a channel I’ve never watched, Ovation TV, was a movie showing called Tokyo Godfathers. I thought to myself – there’s no way someone would be showing Satoshi Kon’s Tokyo Godfathers so I waited for the commercial break to end. Yes they were showing it and they are going to replay it a couple of times this week as well as Spirited Away.

Ovation TV is channel 157 on Dish Network and 274 on DirectTV and they plan on showing Spirited Away on Friday, June 20 – 8 PM, 11PM; Sat., June 21 – 5PM; and Sun., June 22 – 2PM and Tokyo Godfathers on Sat., June 21 – 8 PM, 11 PM and Sun., June 22 – 5 PM according to their website.

If you haven’t watched Tokyo Godfathers before you really need to watch it – it’s one of the best anime movies you’ll ever see. And in case anyone asks – they are showing it subbed. 🙂


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