Weekly Review (June 8-14) of Anime Watched – Bad Haiku Edition

End of the school year must have put a damper on the fansubbers out there since many of the shows I’m watching from the spring season didn’t get released this week. That’s okay – it gave me time to try out vector tracing. Since there was only a few shows I thought I’d try something different – sum up the show in the form of haiku (bad haiku since I’m not poetic).

Kure-nai, episode 10 – Rating 12+/12 Perfect

Shinkurou is sad
Oysters won’t make you happy
Save Murasaki

Kyouran Kazoku Nikki, episode 8 – Rating 7/12 B

Caught in a frenzy
This episode left questions
Like, does the mask smell?

Nabari no Ou, episode 10 – Rating 9/12 A-

Samurai was beat
The ninjas just sat and talked
More fighting now please

Soul Eater, episode 10 – Rating 12/12 Perfect

Family problems
We all have them, reapers too
Ours ain’t deadly though

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