Weekly Review (May 25-31) of Anime Watched

Week three of my weekly review of anime I’ve watched. Highlights included Nabari No Ou, episode 8, and Library War, episode 6, as well as finishing up my rewatch of Samurai Champloo.

Wagaya no Oinari-sama, episode 6 – Rating 11/12 A+

“Why must people always like others?!” asks a love-struck Misaki. My answer – because it makes anime interesting. I hope we see more Misaki since this episode was hilarious.

Nabari No Ou, episode 8 – Rating 12+/12 Perfect

Mr. Frosty’s English was almost good enough to pass as being actually American. This episode shows that Aizawa is a better ninja than Naruto.

Maid Guy, episode 6 – Rating 11/12 A+

“Now I think feel like I could defeat a bear,” says Naeka during training for a kendo match.
“Let’s try,” replies Maid Guy.

Naeka needs to learn to be very careful what she says in front of Maid Guy.

Soul Eater, episode 8 – Rating 12/12 Perfect

Stein fighting and plot are always a plus. I do wonder what Death the Kid will think of Stein’s asymmetric head screw.

Kyouran Kazoku Nikki, episode 6 – Rating 11/12 A+

Hyouka-neesama is amazing. This show makes me want to eat dangos for some reason.

Zettai Karen Children, episode 8 – Rating 11/12 A+

Major Hyoubu Kyousake is just like Silar from Heroes if Silar had a talking squirrel voiced by Rie Kugimiya aka Shana and Nagi, and wanted to marry a trio of 10 year espers.

Previously Reviewed

Library War, Episode 6 – Rating 12+/12 Perfect

Kurenai, episode 8 – Rating 12/12 Perfect

Kurenai, episode 9 – Rating 08/12 B+

Kaiba, episode 5 – Rating 12/12 Perfect


Samurai Champloo, episodes 23

Rating: 12/12 Perfect, baseball and swords go together like peanut butter and jelly

Samurai Champloo, episodes 24-26

Rating: 12++/12 Pefect, the three part finale is one of the best endings to an anime ever

I’d really like to see a second season of Samurai Champloo made.


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