Weekly Review (June 1-7) of Anime Watched

This one is on-time 🙂. Kaiba continues to prove that it’s the best show of the season and Aya Hirano continues to show why she’s one of the best female seiyuu and maybe sometime this decade will have a chance to see her voice Haruhi again.

Kaiba, episode 6 – Rating 12+/12 Perfect

I’ll pass on writing individual episode summaries for Kaiba this week. Not because they were any less good this week but because I don’t want to hold writing this entry up. There were many memorable moments in this series so far but I have to applaud the makers of this show to include, in this episode, that Warp inside Chroniko’s body was going through her lady’s days. Something like that would normally be left out.

It slowly becoming more clear that Warp was a very evil person before he lost his memories. I wonder if the terrorist group caused Warp to lose his memory and if so, why? Do they plan on trying to get Warp to help them or did they do it because they could.

Kaiba, episode 7 – Rating 12++/12 Perfect

Well I did something during this episode that I didn’t think I’d do for this show – I shed a few tears. If you haven’t caught this episode yet and plan on watching this show, just drop down to the next show since I’d prefer not to spoil it for you. I surprised myself since Vanilla wasn’t an angel but I couldn’t help but cry a bit for Vanilla. I wonder how this will affect Warp – will Warp feel bad that Vanilla sacrificed himself because he thought Warp was really Chroniko? And finally, what was the significance of the kaiba plant that was devouring the spherical asteroid at the end of the episode – is it significant? Is it going to ingest the remains of Vanilla and Vanilla will live on in some capacity?

Wagaya no Oinari-sama, episode 7 – Rating 10/12 A

No Misaki in either episode but still enjoyable. Baby wolf spirits and the dragon miko fighting were definite pluses.

Wagaya no Oinari-sama, episode 8 – Rating 11/12 A+

You’re a pretty pathetic god if you use two hand puppets all the time.

Nabari No Ou, episode 9 – Rating 09/12 A-

Kinda boring when compared to the last two episodes but it felt like the show is continuing to build on itself so it’s okay

Daughter of 20 Faces, episode 7 – Rating 12+/12 Perfect

The week off just about killed me. This episode goes in the direction I thought it was going but their was still many surprises in this episode. This show does so many little things right. For example, to show that Chiko learned the point of using words to deflect confrontations, instead of Chiko dumping the poisoned soup – like before – she found verbal ways to excuse herself from eating the soup. Also, Detective Akechi intrigues me – what is his relation to 20 Faces? Akechi is not 20 Faces, unless he can bi-locate, but for him to get the Anastasia Ruby should mean that 20 Faces is still alive. Not that I thought 20 Faces was dead since he’d have to be a complete idiot to die the way he supposed did. I can’t wait to see how Chiko escapes her Aunt once and for all.

Soul Eater, episode 9 – Rating 12/12 Perfect

Excalibur is one really annoying talking sword, as is all talking swords I think. I just hope they don’t need him or maybe I do since that would make for good television.

Kyouran Kazoku Nikki, episode 7 – Rating 12/12 Perfect

The assassin chef makes for a funny episode and why is it that Kyouka, the cat girl, always seems to know what to do? Is she getting lucky or is she that good?

Zettai Karen Children, episode 9 – Rating 10/12 A

Hyoubu pulls one on Minamoto and hilarity ensues. It was pretty funny seeing Minamoto being hypnotized to see The Children as adults but I hope it won’t be a reoccurring joke since once was enough.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Review (June 1-7) of Anime Watched”

  1. Yup, Kaiba 7 looked very interesting.

    We have a confirmation what was obvious from the previous episodes: protagonist’s girlfriend (Neiro) = muscular woman

    However, that flying thing seems to also have Nero’s memory. Is that a copy or partial copy or is that personality splitting like Urd from Ah My Goddess TV.

    It is also unclear what happened to the king. Amnesia, cloning of body, memory, etc. Note the sequence: Killings, bad king, good king and kiss, then bad king again killing Neiro. When was her body destroyed?

    Also notice a very important detail: Evil king always has some kind of an antenna on his head, while a good variant does not.

    Notice that the dark mask that warp is wearing in the Neiro’s memory is a face of that person from the first episode who transferred Nero into another body. Who is Da-da-sama he referred to during a transfer? Could it be that he hacked Neiro’s memory and replaced Warp’s image with his own because he was in love with her?

    What anime Aya Hirano is involved in?


  2. Thanks for the comment, I should give this episode a re-watch since by the end I was only thinking about Vanilla – my mind kinda forgot about most of the rest – and look for those things.

    Aya Hirano is doing Chiko in Daughter of 20 Faces and Kaoru in Zettai Karen Children but I’m mainly praising her for voicing Chiko since Kaoru seems to close to Konata.


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