Stuff I’m Looking Forward To This Summer

Not entirely an anime-related post but with the start of summer I realize there’s a bunch of stuff to look forward too.


The summer season of anime aside you can probably guess what I’m looking forward to. In July, not only will the subtitled version DVDs of Gurren Lagann will start (at such a great cost/episode ratio) but the Sci-Fi Channel will start showing Gurren Lagann on tv.

The other thing I’m looking forward to is the start of a new monthly manga magazine. It’s being put out by Yen Press and will include Soul Eater, Bamboo Blade, and Higurashi among others.


The first movie I’m looking forward to is from the very best in American animation a.k.a. Pixar and the movie is Wall-e. I’ve never been disappointed by Pixar and early reviews make me think I’ll enjoy this one.

The second movie is Hellboy 2. The further adventures of everyone’s favorite red hero is sure to be hit. I’m really looking forward to see how Del Toro’s Hobbit movie turns out.

The third movie is Batman 2. The first Batman movie was one of the best, if not the best, superhero movie ever and I expect the second


There are two books I’m really looking forward to. The first is the annual Year’s Best Science Fiction which is edited by Gardner Dozois. This year makes the 25th year that Mr. Dozois has edited this collection and it’s the best one-stop spot to read the best in shorter length science fiction.

The second book is the new book by Charles Stross. His books always seem to somehow balance loads of big ideas with being very accessible and entertaining. His last one started with a bank robbery within an MMORPG and went from there. This one’s premise is what happens to the intelligent machines that humanity leaves behind after it dies out.

4 thoughts on “Stuff I’m Looking Forward To This Summer”

  1. Sci-fi channel will show Gurren Lagann!? I gotta tell my friends. I, myself, have already finished the series though. I say it’s another amazing robo anime by Gainax, and characteristic of Gainax – crazy outside, depth inside.

    Yeah, Batman 2!!!

    I’ve only read Charles Stross’s “Halo” and was slightly confused. I’ve been reading waaay too much Japanese light novels these past months; it’s time I pick up English novels again. “Saturn’s Children” might be a good start ^^.


  2. @Sarah
    The manga mag will be called Yen Plus, I think, and hopefully it will be available in physical stores.
    Halo was the 4th of 9 stories that went on to make the book Acclerando. If you hadn’t read the first 3 then I don’t think anyone could really make much sense of it.

    I think his “Glasshouse” was his best novel but hopefully Saturn’s Children will be just as good.

    I personally would love to be fluent enough in Japanese to be able to read Japanese light novels but three torturous years of Spanish in H.S. makes me very unwilling to try to learn Japanese.


  3. I see…no wonder I was confused. Looks like my summer reading list has become a Charles Stross book list -_-;

    Japanese is not easy, that I can vouch for. I really don’t have the will power to learn Japanese all by myself; that’s why I enrolled in summer programs to force myself to learn.

    So you took Spanish in H.S. also? I absolutely hated Spanish after a year and switched to Japanese.


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