Library War – Episode 6 Review

Super-awesome episode of Library War with Kasahara given a fetch quest to go on. Though, the episode made me feel bad that I haven’t read Fahrenheit 451 in such a long time.

Rating: 12+/12 Perfect

Kasahara and Intstructor Komaki go to a book dealer to pick up a very special book that the book dealer wants the libraries to protect. The book is known as the Book of Prophesies since it was written 60 years ago by an American SF writer and seemed to tale of a future that is close to world they are living in. Of course this the classic Fahrenheit 451.

They pick up the book but the media cleansing thugs have been tipped off and attempt to stop the Library Force. To make a long story short, Kasahara and the Library Force, with a little trickery, is successful and get the book safely to the library.

censorship jerk angry that he won’t be able to burn any books


Another great episode from Library War. One of the things that I liked about this episode was how even the characters that are living in this screwed up future realize it’s a screwed up future but that doesn’t stop them from trying to do the right thing.

I wonder how censored the internet is in this alternate Japan? I have a feeling that since the media cleansing act was passed in 1989, before the rise of the internet, then the internet is a much different place then the place we know and love.

I’ll leave with a memorial quote from this episode:

“Children’s books clearly reveal the world’s absurdities that adults can no longer see.”

Library Defense Force going after the guy that shot at the kid

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