Kaiba – Episode 5 Review

I know Vanilla is a jerk but it’s so funny how he acts like a love-struck puppy in front of Warp/Chroniko.

Rating: 12/12 Perfect, This show continues to prove that it’s the best show of the season

The next stop of route is the planet Abipa which is known as a utopian planet. Warp/Chroniko and Vanilla check out the sights and marvel at how all the food is free. Warp wants to explore the city more after he sees people sporting bodies close to the girl in his pendentand thus needs to change to his Hippo body to get Vanilla off his back. This time, instead of Hyo-Hyo being right there to switch the cone that actually contains Warp, Hyo-Hyo disappears. When Warp goes looking Hyo-Hyo, he leaves the hippo body which a garbage collector grabs.

A rather stumpy guy shows up with less than pure thoughts on his mind when he says he’ll help Warp/Chroniko get the Hippo body back. As they’re heading to the body reclamation factory, they pass the place where the body designer Patch is. Initially, I wondered why Warp goes to meet Patch but it just came to me while writing this- to find out about the bodies that look like the girl in the locket (but he never gets the chance).

When Warp meets Patch it is revealed that Patch was the one that created the perfect bio-copy technology that allows for the mass creation of bodies. And then, once he saw how his invention was being mis-used tried to get the technology banned but that failed. Now he’s forced to create new bodies and he tries to get his revenge by creating the most horrible/messed up bodies but we know from the factory owner that everyone loves the bodies that he makes.

The short guy shows back up and says that he’ll take Warp/Chroniko to the body reclamation factory which also happens to be his food factory – I don’t like the sound of this. When Warp gets there he/she just misses saving his body. The factory owner says that the Hippo body will be broken down like the other bodies and turned into the food that is given away free. Warp nearly loses his lunch and before returning to Vanilla the factory owner gives Warp his card.

When Warp/Chroniko gets back to Vanilla we see that Vanilla is sick (from standing out in the rain) so Warp takes him to a hospital and goes to see Patch. Patch doesn’t seem to remember Warp from the day before and rants on almost exactly the same as the day before. While Warp is there, Patch’s battery must have run out because he shuts down so Warp helps the dog, that is Patch’s sidekick, get Patch to his home.

Warp discovers a camara at Patch’s home that has taken video of Patch’s past. We learn through Warp that the dog sidekick has the mind of a female scientist that looked after Patch during her life even though Patch never acknowledged her. Maybe Patch’s mind is full of information after these hundreds of years and can’t learn anything more. Thieves show up to steal gold that the factory owner has left on Patch’s property as a thank-you and the dog, named Quilt, dies defending this gold.

Warp takes Quilt to the factory owner and the factory owner says he’ll fix Quilt as a thank you since Patch and Quilt have made him so much money over time. In the meantime, Patch wakes up and goes looking for Quilt but instead of finding Quilt he meets the guys who took the gold and they beat Patch up. I’ll assume that the factory owner, Warp, and Quilt find Patch because we cut to Quilt, now in a human body that looks like the one she had before becoming a dog, and she says that she will fix Patch up because she is a scientist.

The episode ends with a very interesting nugget of plot development. There’s a statue of someone who looks a lot like Warp’s original body from episode 1. When Warp asks the factory owner who is the statue of, the factory owner tells him that this is Prince Warp and that he rules over the universe and controls memories.


First off, I haven’t seen anyone notice the reference to Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times in this episode. It’s in the scene where Patch and Quilt are working on an assembly line in the factory. Look at this screen shot then this video.

I wonder if this was done as just a nod to a wonderful movie (if you haven’t seen this movie before, you really should watch it) or are we supposed to get something deeper from it. The reference seems to fit what Kaiba is trying to get across but I’m not really good at figuring out deep meanings.

Second, normally when something is called a utopia, either in a book or show, it normally isn’t but in this case could you say that Abipa is a utopian planet? We didn’t have a chance to interact with many citizens of the planet but they seem happy.

And finally, I think it’s very likely that Warp is really the same person as this Prince Warp that is the prince and ruler of everything. But my question is did the terrorists capture the prince and wipe his memories?

2 thoughts on “Kaiba – Episode 5 Review”

  1. ……….I can’t believe you watch this thing; I salute you, sir.

    Well, I’ve never watched any episode, so I guess it’s just my prejudice against funky-looking animation. After reading your review, I might watch one episode as a litmus test.


  2. Thanks, I actually think the animation style, if done more conventionally, would have hurt the show. I think it focuses our attention more on the story or maybe because it helps give the viewer the thought that this world of Kaiba is off-kilter like the animation style.


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