Kurenai – Episode 8 Review

I watched episode 8 and 9 back-to-back so lets review them back-to-back (and it was a good thing that I had already decided to watch Maid Guy episode 7 after this pair of episodes).

Rating: 12/12 Perfect, Anytime the characters start reflecting – we know that we’re in trouble.

Episode 8 starts off with Shinkurou’s apartment friends realizing it was time for the holiday Shichi-Go-San. They all take Murasaki to the local shrine to pray (love how the small temple is squished between two buildings). Murasaki draws “bad fortune” when they check her fortune (foreshadowing, anyone?) and she picks out a good driving charm that Shinkurou buys for her. Why is it all the good driving charms were pink? Are they trying to say something? And is this more foreshadowing?

They go to the restaurant to continue celebrating – should I feel bad that I thought they should have given Murasaki at least a taste of the beer? Afterwards Shinkurou walks Murasaki home. While walking they talk. She wants to know what type of woman Shinkurou likes because Tamaki told her that man like woman with large boobs. Shinkurou just kinda laughs it off and Murasaki then says how she’s learned so much from living with Shinkurou and how she’s really enjoyed her time with Shinkurou. They get home and as they’re falling asleep, Murasaki says that she wants to always be with Shinkurou, living in the little run-down apartment.

The next day in school, Shinkurou’s friend with the glasses finally gives Shinkurou information on the Kuhouin family and says Murasaki doesn’t show up as a real family member of the family. This confuses Shinkurou but before he can do anything about it, members of the Kuhouin family show up at the apartment. The episode ends with Benika’s guard running them off and Shinkurou realizing that they have to run.

Did anyone else notice that Murasaki doesn’t know how to read? I thought this was odd since someone as intelligent and mature as Murasaki should be able to read at least a bit but then I remembered that denying someone the ability to read has always been a means to keep that person ignorant and more easily controlled.

I wish the series could just end with the slice-of-life feel that so much of the series had but I guess there is too much action-y stuff that still needs to be resolved.


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