Kaiba – Episode 4 Review

My, slightly late, review of episode 4 of Kaiba. Some good reviews already written by other people.

Rating: 12/12 Perfect, This show continues to impress

In this episode the space ship lands on a small planetoid with a light house. Warp/Chroniko takes a jog around with Vanilla the sheriff trailing behind. Warp/Chroniko decides to get away from Vanilla and switches to his hippo body. While in his hippo body an elderly grandma finds and drags him to her house where she fills in the carved gouge left by the weapons blast. Vanilla walks into the house right after the hippo body is repaired looking for Chroniko. He looks at Warp and all he sees is a suspicious looking hippo – so he says to Warp that he looks suspicious. Warp tries to make a break for it but Vanilla stops him with that freeze ray/device that allows people to enter other people’s brain. Vanilla enters Warp’s mind looking for information and the Warp that’s inside Warp’s mind hurriedly collects his paltry amount of memories and hides them from Vanilla. The flying creature, Hyo-Hyo, hits the gun to eject Vanilla from Warp’s mind and the second grandson comes in.

The two grandsons decide that the hippo and Vanilla are thieves after their dead grandpa’s treasure and the grandsons want to find this treasure so they could afford to get away and see the stars. Their grandma has been blocking the fact that Grandpa has died and every time she hears someone mention that her husband is dead she falls into a slumber. So as the grandsons talk over the likeliness of Warp/Hippo and Vanilla being thieves they mention that the grandfather is dead and the grandma falls into a deep slumber. They decide to take this opportunity and find the location of the treasure by sending Warp into Grandma’s mind.

At first Warp is in this little dinky room with a single bookcase of nothing but blank books. This obviously isn’t right because someone as old as the grandma should have lots of memories and Warp notices a brick that is the wrong color. He removes it and steps into a huge warehouse-like place and tons and tons of books that contain memories. He walks to a table where the Grandma is sitting and confronts her. Younger versions of the grandma taunt the elder grandma that the grandpa is actually dead and this forces her to remember. She still doesn’t know why he died but then the ghost(?) of the dead grandpa visits to tell why. The grandpa had picked this rare flower for grandma long ago, she really loved it, and since then has been on the look for another to pick for her. He finally found one and went to pick it – the problem, it was on the side of the light house, so he accidentally fell to his death.

The grandma decides that she prefers death and follows the spirit of the grandpa back to wherever he came from. Warp quickly boogies-on-out (if you’re in the mind of someone who dies – do you die?) but the grandma tells Warp where the treasure is before he leaves.

Warp takes the grandsons to the treasure, top the lighthouse, and we find that Grandpa’s treasure is mementos of his life with his wife. This really disappoints the grandsons since they can’t afford to buy tickets for passage on the ship. I neglected to mention that the parents of the grandsons left them years ago to be cared for by the grandparents.

The grandsons try to sneak onboard, leaving Warp to bury the grandma’s body. Vanilla does the actual burying since Warp is back in Chroniko’s body and Vanilla will do anything for Chroniko.

The show ends with what appears to the grandsons dead and their bodies discovered by the ship’s crewmembers. And the thing is, as much as the behavior of the grandsons make me angry, I can’t really be angry at them since I don’t think they where bad kids just very ignorant.

One of the things that stick out in my mind for this episode was the shot of the graves of the grandma and grandpa. The crosses imply that there some sort of Christianity in the world of Kaiba and I wonder if the role of religion will be brought up more in the future. And I hate to bring up religion since it always gets everyone in a tizzy but I can’t help but think that a society that builds it’s morality on some other ground then religion makes itself especially vulnerable to a future that is shown in Kaiba. One component that almost everyone seems to touch on, when talking about Kaiba, is the extreme disregard for human life and how it disgusts them. I look at today’s society and how it already allows a mother the “right” to kill a child that’s inconvenient and I don’t see that we’re that far off from what happened in episode 3, Chroniko’s aunt selling Chroniko, because she was inconvenient. Then I look at who protests and tries to protect the lives of these children and invariably it’s a religious group and wonder where are the secular groups?

Well, I won’t dwell too much on that since this isn’t some sort of religious blog, just wanted to mention it though. Feel free to post any responses you have (as long as they’re non-troll ones). And does that pic from the very top (shown at the end of this episode) mean that his memories are somehow locked in his mind.

One thought on “Kaiba – Episode 4 Review”

  1. Another nice episode 🙂

    Did you notice that the grandma actually wanted something in return for her treatment? lol

    I don’t think the object on the gave imply any Christianity or religion. If you look carefully, these objects are tools. I believe they are a symbol that represented life of grandma and grandpa spent in hard work.

    “society that builds it’s morality on some other ground then religion makes itself especially vulnerable to a future that is shown in Kaiba.”

    There are many different types of moral codes. Religious moral code is just one of them. Structured religion actually caused some horrible things if you look at history (Crusades, Inquisition, etc.). This is a good place for overview on morality:


    “Then I look at who protests and tries to protect the lives of these children and invariably it’s a religious group and wonder where are the secular groups?”

    Plenty of secular people there. Religious does not mean moral, moral does not mean religious, and spiritual does not mean religious also.



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