Gurren Lagann Coming to America Part 2

A little while ago I talked about the DVD’s of Gurren Lagann coming out and now for even better news. This was leaked a little bit ago but not confirmed until a couple of days ago so maybe you heard but if not – on Monday, July 28 the Sci-Fi Network will start showing Gurren Lagann on television. That’s right, the best anime of all time will be shown on television. I’m giddy to say the least. Even the prospect of listening to a poor dub isn’t enough to dampen my enthusiasm. So, anyone who calls themselves an anime fan in America has no excuse to miss this show.

On a related note, Jason posted a really interesting write-up of Gainax’s presentation about Gurren Lagann coming to America and also made me one jealous person (I want that signed Gurren Lagann box).


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