Zettai Karen Children – Episode 7 Review

This show continues to grow on me – it’s feeling more and more like a combination of Power Puff Girls and X-Men which is a good thing since I’m a fan of both.

Rating – 12/12 Perfect, best episode yet

The Children miss their second day of school to do training which leaves their classmates wondering what ‘family reasons’ would force all 3 girls to miss their 2nd day of school. I wonder what will happen when they find out they are actually level 7 ESPers. While they are training they go up against a machine that’s an ECM (or ESPer counter-measure) and lose. Seems the organization that the Children work for, B.A.B.E.L., has been developing ECM devices which make the girls not too thrilled.

That night B.A.B.E.L.’s premonition ESPers predict a fight between two ESPers so the Children are dispatched to stop the fight. When they show up, they discover the fight was a pretense by the Normal People, an anti-ESPer group, to capture the Children. They use the same ECM, inside help from someone in the military, that defeated the Children earlier to capture them as well as Minamoto (who reminds me a lot of the professor from PPG).

The Normal People want Minamoto’s password so they can access his laptop to get a listing of all ESPers in the country. When he refuses, they start to torture him and the Children can hear this through the walls. He will not give in so they bring out Kaoru and threaten to torture her in front of Minamoto if he does hand over his password. I knew they where going to this but doesn’t these “normal” people have any qualms about torturing a 10 year old?

Minamoto tells them the password but actually tricks them since the password causes the laptop to become an ECCM (ESPer counter-counter-measure) that nullifies the ECM temporarily. Before they can deactivate the ECM though the battery runs out and the Children have their powers sealed again. The Normal People open fire to kill them and Minamoto is going to use his body as a shield but Kaoru suddenly turns into Super Sonic or something and crushs the ECM device and knocks all the Normal People out. She’s really pissed at how Minamoto was tortured so she levitates the leader of the group and was going to torture him like Minamoto was but was stopped by Minamoto and the other two ESPers.

The episode ends and we have to wait for the next episode to find out what happened to Kaoru. Supposedly the highest level ESPer is level 7 but maybe Kaoru just went to level 8. We also were introduced to a creepy kid with a talking squirrel that seems to want to marry Kaoru and refers to her as the queen.

Lots of plot development in this episode so maybe we are getting away from the introduction phase of the show. According to the wiki entry on this show, it’s to run 52 episodes so we have plenty of time for lots to happen and hopefully plenty of stuff will happen.

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