Soul Eater – Episode 7 Review

Maka and Soul go on a field assignment to Italy and find more trouble then they can handle.

Rating – 11/12 A+, This show continues to impress

Maka and Soul get sent to Italy (where’d they get the motorcycle?) to defeat an undead baddie and don’t have much trouble doing so. Before they leave though Maka senses something is not right and convinces Soul to check it out together. When they do they discover a kid (thought it was a girl but it appears to be a boy) that somehow killed 60 people instantly. They get into a fight and it becomes clear that Maka and Soul are really outmatched. While I like to see previews, in this case it serves as a way to kill some of my enthusiasm for next week’s show since it shows Stein coming to the rescue.

I don’t have to write such a long entry to describe what happens in the show but that doesn’t mean I enjoyed it less. The animation continues to be top-notch and the action is still gripping. I’m really looking forward to next week when we see Stein fight for real, though, this early in the show, I don’t expect much to get resolved – that boy will probably get away in the end.


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