Daughter of 20 Faces – Episode 6 Review

Where did this week go? I fully intended to write about some of the outstanding episodes I watched this week. Oh well – that’s what happens when you start playing Civilization 4 (again) – my weekly review should be up tomorrow. So onto the review.

To sum up this episode in one word – WOW. If you haven’t seen this episode yet then I’d suggest watching it before reading on.

Rating – 12+/12 Perfect+, Why aren’t more people talking about/loving this show?

I kinda knew that since the show was called ‘Daughter of 20 Faces’ that at some point 20 Faces would have to step off-stage but, wow, I did not see this level of carnage coming.

The episode starts with the viewers finding out that the blimp is a decoy and the group is leaving by train (chartered by the town’s mayor). Turns out the town was going to sell the clock and the mayor wanted 20 Faces to make sure it stays safe. Chiko overhears 20 Faces say to the mayor that he’s looking for a second Kira protégé and she expresses her desire to be that person to herself (duh, who else in the group could he be talking about). Everyone boards the train and everyone but Chiko and 20 Faces start to party after a job well done.

Right as the train starts to leave the station we see the bumbling detective, that’s been charged with finding Chiko, jump on board. A momentary ‘oh no!’ moment that is topped when Tiger and his band of thieves (including Angie) is shown getting on the train at the last possible moment. We know something bad is going to go down and it does.

Chiko was separate from the rest since she was still feeling blue over the apparent backstab to Angie and wanted some time to think. Thus when Tiger and his group got on board only Angie stayed to fight the ‘Daughter of 20 Faces’ and the rest moved on to engage 20 Faces gang with Tiger finding 20 Faces himself.

I mentioned carnage and it was a real bloodbath – Chiko just barely escaped the ax-wielding Angie, both gangs did a bang up job of killing each other with only Ken surviving, and Tiger appears to take out 20 Faces with a rocket blowing up the car that they were both on.

So my thoughts and speculations. First, I’m really anxious to see where the series goes. I realize this first arc of episodes was really like the introduction but did they need to kill almost everyone in the span of 15 minutes? With 20 Faces apparent death – it reminds me when the Lone Gunmen where killed off in X-Files, why couldn’t he jump as well? – I figure the bumbling detective will take Chiko back to her lovely aunt.

Second, I don’t think Angie is dead – she will be Chiko’s opponent in whatever Chiko decides to do in future. And the two will make a great pair of adversaries with Angie being the slightly (or not so slightly) deranged one.

Third, the animation for the opening song makes a lot more sense. I realized that they show an aged Ken with the patch but no other members of 20 Faces gang older then they are at the start of the show. Also, they show Chiko on top of the train like she was for this episode so that leads me to think we will see the other scenes in the show in the future.

Fourth, Angie tells Chiko to stop acting so innocent and I realized that, while Angie is well on the road towards hardened criminal, Chiko is still a very innocent young girl in many ways. Being able to be a Grade A hacker thief does not mean that she has the mindset of a criminal but with the death of 20 Faces she will have lost all traces of her former innocence. I haven’t read the poem but the title ‘Paradise Lost’ seems appropriate, Chiko will never be as happy as she was during these few years living with 20 Faces’ gang and that makes me feel very sad for her.

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