Weekly Review (May 11-17) of Anime I’ve Watched

I’ve been wanting to do this for a few weeks now. Let’s hope this becomes a regular fixture since I want to at least touch on all the shows I’m watching.

Daughter of 20 Faces, episode 5 – Rating 12/12 Perfect

This show continues to get better and better.

Zettai Karen Children, episode 6 – Rating 10/12 A

This was a very enjoyable episode. I think this show is slowly working up to being a great show, though I still want my Hayate.

Soul Eater, episode 6 – Rating 10/12 A

Death the Kid was pretty awesome (OCD aside) in this episode.

Maid Guy, episode 5 – Rating 12/12 Perfect

If you’re a maid – never comment on your master’s weight gain – someone could be recording.

Wagaya no Oinari-sama, episode 5 – Rating 09/12 A-

Touching episode. I hate to say this but I keep waiting for this show to start sucking and it’s not (because I shouldn’t be watching a show with such a negative viewpoint).

Nabari No Ou, episode 6 – Rating 09/12 A-

I’ve been waiting for this show to really grab me and this episode finally did that. Hopefully it can continue.

Kyouran Kazoku Nikki, episode 4 – Rating 08/12 B+

Good episode but wasn’t as good as the first three.

Kurenai, episode 6 – Rating 12/12

This show continues to impress. Hooray for horrible singing and cheesy plays.

Samurai Champloo, episode 12– Rating 07/12 B

Well done recap episode but it’s still a recap episode

Samurai Champloo, episode 13 – Rating 08/12 B+

This rewatch hasn’t really changed my thoughts on the show. It finishes strongly but the first half is a bit of a drag – I really don’t care for how much time is spent on them finding food.


5 thoughts on “Weekly Review (May 11-17) of Anime I’ve Watched”

  1. Daughter of 20 Faces sounds very interesting. And your comment on Maid Guy is perhaps the silliest statement without context that I’ve ever heard!


  2. I don’t see where Kyoran Kazoku is going…. Even though the light novel its based on is indeed amazing, I wonder if the anime is doing the title justice with its overtly exaggerated style and rushed pacing.

    Ah well, I guess I should just enjoy it as it is.


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