Ah My Goddess Season 2

I finished this up a bit ago and finally found the time to right my review.

Rating: 11/12 A+, The second season just seemed to click
Rewatchablity: low-medium

In my review for the first season I believe that I said that I enjoyed the characters much more than I enjoyed the show. This doesn’t hold for the second season – I loved the whole show this time.

I won’t write a long review because by this time you’re either a fan or your not. For those that aren’t fans and have only seen season 1, give the second season a chance. I felt the episodes had more purpose to them and consequently I found myself more engaged.

Now if only K1 would propose to Belldandy already.


2 thoughts on “Ah My Goddess Season 2”

  1. I will have to loan you Ah My Goddess: The Adventures of Mini-Goddess next. it’s the so-cute-you-could-puke offshoot. I love SCYCP


  2. I read this post a while ago, and it reminded me of this show. I only saw a movie almost a decade ago and wanted to see how TV series turned out…

    Shakkin! hahaha It was awesome! I just finished a crazy marathon of TV season one and two. I agree with you that season two was more engaging. I really like the characters and all those small details about them that are revealed overtime. Music was very nice also.

    I am watching OVAs right now and I am really glad that I saw TV series first. The OVA version seemed a bit rushed, K1 is more perverted, and Urd is more evil lol.

    “Now if only K1 would propose to Belldandy already.”

    Maybe in ten years they re-tell or make a new season 😛

    Do you know by chance at what point in relation to manga season two ended? In other words, is there any space left for another season?

    Overall, I think it is one of the best romantic series 🙂


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