Kaiba Episode 2 Review

Kaiba kicks it up a notch, read on for my review of episode 2.

Found the show’s ending theme:

This show is definitely not going to pull any punches. It wants to explore what it means to be human and how being able to separate a person’s self from the person’s body would affect society. We start this episode with our amnesiac hero, Warp, apparently agreeing to trade use of his body during the voyage for passage on the ship. So Warp ends up in the body of a large stuffed hippo and left in the luggage room as apparent luggage. And the lady that smuggles him on board gets to use his body for what you might guess she wants it for.

While Warp is in the luggage room he meets a friendly stow-away in the luggage room and he spends time with her and her boyfriend. We find out from the stow-away about roe which look like yellow beans but are actually memories from people. These roe seem to be lighter than air and float in large river-esque streams in space. Later in the episode it turns out the stow-away’s boyfriend is really a two-timer and also a memory smuggler. The commotion that happens when the stow-away finds out about the other girl attracts the ship’s sheriff. The ship’s sheriff in the course of questioning the girl and the boyfriend decides to use his gun that turns people’s bodies into globs of jelly. After he hits the girl he realizes that she’s never put herself into one of those memory cones so he has in fact killed killed her (though that doesn’t seem to faze him at all).

This episode ends with Warp having to quickly leave the spaceship, leaving his original body behind, because the woman that’s using his body kills herself from exhaustion by double-loading her body’s sensations as well as Warp’s body.

Wow, is all I can say.

The ability to separate the self from the body as well as being able to delete/add memories is a topic that’s been explored before – Ghost in the Shell touched on it, as well as the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Acclerando by Charles Stross to name a few – but Kaiba makes it feel original. It makes you think about what it’s trying to say. For example, the wanton disregard towards the human body feels very wrong and I’m glad I don’t have live in a world like that. Though, I wonder if we aren’t at least seeing a bit of this thinking in society today due in part to inventions like the internet because when we communicate online it’s mind to mind and not human to human so we don’t act like we would in person.

Rating: 12/12 Perfect, two episodes in and I think this might turn out to be my favorite spring anime.


4 thoughts on “Kaiba Episode 2 Review”

  1. I have not considered this anime before, but after reading your review I gave it a chance. I watched several episodes and really like it. Thank you 🙂

    Interacting mind to mind on the internet would not necessarily be different from interacting in person. However, I agree that some people would behave differently.


  2. I don’t want to read too much of the description of this series, in case there’s spoilers. Is this an older series? the animation is very odd if it’s a modern one.


  3. Kaiba is airing right now in Japan – the animation style really grows on you though. There are spoilers but if you don’t intend to watch the fansubs then you’ll probably never have a chance to watch this show so you can spoil yourself.


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