Spring Anime Reviews – Maid Guy

And the other absurd show, Maid Guy. Read on for my review.

This time my review of the over-the-top comedy/fanservice series “Kamen no Maid Guy”. I normally don’t bother with series with a lot of fanservice if the fanservice means shots of women’s underwear every couple of minutes because oftentimes the show just flat out sucks (think Kanokon). Therefore, if I hear that a show is a fanservice show then I’ll skip it unless I hear that it’s a good show. Maid Guy turns out to be well worth the time.

The story goes like this:

The grandfather is very and very rich and someone seems to be killing all his family – only a granddaughter and grandson are left. Therefore, the grandfather hires the services of Maid Guy and Fubuki, the maid, so his granddaughter can live and take the inheritance (probably so he can’t stop worrying about being murdered and just enjoy life) when she turns 18.

Opening Song

Closing Song

Maid Guy is something else and easily the great draw of the show. So far we’re learned that he’s taught at MIT, his ears double as USB ports so he can connect a printer to his brain, his teeth double as a shredder, and so on. Definitely the most GAR since Kamina.

Kogarashi does his Urd impersonation

Fubuki does her Higurashi impersonation

Eye catches 4TW

This show is very funny, I don’t know if it can continue at this pace but for right now this is easily the funniest show of the season. Now for the minuses for this show, the animation quality is very low when compared to the other shows this season and the fanservice will turn off some.

Rating: 11/12 A+, the funniest show of the season, I want more Maid Guy (and why is there only one group fansubbing this show when the far inferior show Kanokon is getting like 5 different groups doing it?)


One thought on “Spring Anime Reviews – Maid Guy”

  1. Yup, I think many people who don’t usually watch fanservice anime feel this way. The concept is just so crazy and fun that I gave this show a chance 🙂


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