Spring Anime Reviews – Library War

I’m winding down the spring anime reviews, next up is the first of two absurd shows (though each is absurd for different reasons).

Library War

This show is absurd because of the premise. In order to protect society from harmful books the Japanese government, in 1989, enact the Media Protection Act and created a government agency to go around to places where books are sold and remove any offending books. At the same time the government also creates an agency designed to protect libraries. These two agencies are on opposing sides and eventually violence occurs as each side tries to do it’s duty given and over time the level of violence increases. So fast forward to 2019 and that’s where our show starts. It probably would have made more sense if the group trying to defend the books were a rag-tag group labeled ‘terrorists’ by the government but then again I’m not the one doing the show.

Not that the premise impacts how I enjoy a series, after all, I watched a show that has a lion, robot, octopus, and a cat girl living as a family. So I’ll just set aside the absurdity of the situation and just watch the show.

Since reading Fahrenheit 451as a young teen the idea of book burnings or censoring of books makes me very angry. Therefore, when the show starts out with our main character, Kasahara, finally finding the book that completes a series that she’s enjoyed while growing up and right then the thugs from the Media Protection Agency show up to ‘save’ the people from bad books, I’m already getting into the show. Luckily for the main character, someone from the Library Defense Force, stops them from taking this book and she gets to keep the book. Kasahara decides to join the LDF and does so.

Opening Song

Closing Song

I’m really enjoying this series, and after watching the first 3 episodes, I’m really impatient for the next episode (always a good sign). The action in this show is good, after all, Production IG is doing the show – as long as you don’t ask yourself why the Japanese government would allow the LDF and the MPA to reenact the movie Black Hawk Down in Japan. Marina Inoue does the voice of Kasahara (she did Yoko from Gurren Lagann and Kana from Minami-Ke) which is another plus. I’m enjoying watching the relationships between the characters develop – Kasahara reminds me of Tanabe from Planetes.

Rating: 11/12 A+, premise aside – this is a very good show that has interesting characters, good action, great animation, and something that interests me.

3 thoughts on “Spring Anime Reviews – Library War”

  1. i just watched it, it’s really nice anime… it’s funny and the love story is very nice too
    i really enjoyed it =)


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