Spring Anime Reviews – Kaiba

Continuing my reviews, Kaiba, is definitely the most original series of this season.


Lets start with pictures and videos from this wonderful show. I could only find the opening and a commercial. The commercial shows off how the show looks in motion which I’d suggest watching before refuting my claim that the animation is very good.

There hasn’t been extensive coverage of this show but what I’ve found Link, Link, Link, Link, Link and Link, Link, Link has been very positive (the first and last link are very good posts about this show – I’d suggest reading both.)

I actually watched the first two episodes raw since it looked like no one was going to sub this, thankfully Ureshii and Froth-Bite look like they will be jointly subbing this (THANK YOU !!!) because my Japanese is very limited-picked up ‘Nii-san’ in the first episode and that was it.

Kaiba described as a “science-fiction love suspense” anime and is being animated by Madhouse (they did the animation for Death Note, Paranoia Agent, Paprika, and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time to name a few). Episode 1 starts with our name-less hero waking up with no memory of why he’s laying on a rubble heap where the wall of the building should be. He’s wearing a locket which has a picture of a girl in it – presumably a girlfriend. He gets attacked by some sort of flying creature and is saved by a cyclopic ostrich creature and a kid with a really big gun. So starts, as I guess, his adventure to find out who he was and who the girl in the locket is.

Even though this looks like it’s some sort of kids show, it’s not. The background of this world, people’s memories and sense of self tied to a small metallic cone that can be readily removed from the body and put into any body has lead to what appears the complete devaluation of humans. So the rich can keep paying for bodies so they don’t have to die and the poor trade in their bodies (given cheap metallic bodies – think something like Mr. Jameson from Ghost in the Shell:SAC) to try to get by. The locket reminds me the Major’s watch – something that physically ties a person to reality.

The opening and closing songs are top notch as well, sung in English by Seira. As I said earlier, once you watch the show in motion then it’s not hard to see why I think the animation is one of, if not, the best animated show this season.

Rating: 12/12 Perfect, a show that has the potential of being a very, very great science fiction show as well as being a very memorable romantic show.

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