Spring Anime Reviews – Allison & Lillia and Kure-nai

Next up my early reviews of Allison & Lillia and Kure-nai.

Allison & Lillia

I’ve watched the first 3 episodes Allison & Lillia and in general I’ve liked the show. As I said in my preview this show takes place in a world that was colonized by humans at some point in the past and the two civilizations that exist on this world have been at war off and on for a long time. The main issue seems to be which civilization is older (plausible but seems like a dumb reason for waging a war). The two main characters as seen above have met an old man that came across “treasure” that will end the war by revealing which civilization is older. This old man gets kidnapped by the other country and off these two go.

The greatest detraction for the show right now is how people are being drawn, it just seems weird though I’ve gotten a bit used to it by now. I’ve seen a few bloggers complain that there hasn’t been enough action but I personally don’t mind, since there’s been some and I feel it’s important to establish the characters before the show gets going anyways.

Rating: 07/12 B, i feel that this show will be very good but right now it’s still trying to establish itself.


After 3 episodes of Kure-nai, I still don’t know much about what’s going on but that’s not a problem because I’ve really enjoyed watching the interaction between the bodyguard Shinkurō and the young girl he’s tasked to protect, Murasaki Kuhōin. She comes from some sort of super-rich family where the women are kept indoors their entire life and was kidnapped by Benika who runs some sort of organization. Shinkurō works for Benika and we’ve seen him do a couple of smaller jobs for her, mainly beating up people to protect someone. In the screen shot below we see him just after defeating 3 guys and his body has contorted in a weird way (which probably will be explained in the future).

I really don’t have anything bad to say about this show so I won’t. The OP/ED are interesting to look at and I like how Shinkurō is voiced by the same persion as Hayate.

Rating: 11/12 A+, I just hope this show continues to be as good as I think it can be


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