Gurren Lagann and Haruhi coming to America (finally)

If you haven’t seen the news then I bring glad tidings.

First off, the light novels that are the source material to the Haruhi anime finally got licensed. I’ve been holding off reading the fan translation that’s out there because I didn’t want to spoil the second season for myself but I will definitely be buying these as they come out. There going to come out in two editions a paperback and a hardback version. The only downside is the first volume won’t be coming out till April 2009 (though now that I think about it maybe this will be timed with the release of the second season in America. See here for more information.

Secondly, Bandai, has saved the day and is now bringing Gurren Lagann to America. Check out the press release for more information but in a nut shell Bandai is doing something very interesting with the release schedule. In July of this year they will start releasing a bare bones sub-only version with the first Nine episodes on it for MSRP of $29.98. Then in August and September they’ll release the second nine and the final nine episodes to complete the series. If you figure that each DVD will actually cost $25 dollars that means it’ll cost $75 dollars to buy the whole 27 episode show. Then in early 2009, a version that includes the American dub with the sub will be released in a standard and special edition format.

The first release is definitely targeted towards the fansub watchers and at such a great episode to cost ratio will hopefully do very well, I know I’ll be picking this up. I’ll have to see what the special edition will be but I might even double-dip and pick up the special edition, especially if it has music CD’s and gurren lagann action figures.

And finally a pet peeve I have in regards to Gurren Lagann, I’ve noticed people on the internet saying that this show is a niche title. There is no way this show is a niche title. If this was shown next to Naruto on Cartoon Network I really think Gurren Lagann would have higher ratings.


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