Finally finished Moyashimon the other day. For my series review read on.


Final Series Score: 8/12 B+
Rewatchablity: low
Pros: the animation was splendid, the micro theater was a cute extra, very original idea
Cons: At only 11 episodes long-it was too short to really get into it, some of the characters had rather random personality quirks that needed to be better explained

Opening Song

Ending Song

One of the more interesting premises for an anime, this show, Moyashimon, follows Tadayasu Sawaki during his first year at Tokyo’s Agricultural University. What makes him special is that he can see microbes and bacteria. He keeps his ability secret and except for his childhood friend, Professor Keizō Itsuki, and a few others no one knows of this ability. The crowd he falls into is interesting and include the postgraduate student under Itsuki who likes to wear skimpy leather clothing under her lab coat as well as two poor sophomore students (one voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi aka Kamina) that try to make sake for money.

Leaving the skimpy leather clad postgraduate, Haruka Hasegawa, aside. For random personality quirks I wanted to talk about Sawaki’s childhood friend, Kei Yūki. He’s attending the same college as Sawaki and in the beginning of the series they’re rarely separated. Around the mid-point of the series Kei disappears and when Sawaki finally tracks him down Kei is dressed as a goth loli and is helping out at a local liquor shop. All Kei says to Sawaki is that he wants to experiment with different things. I’m not against characters that do this (Mako-chan from Minami-ke had a perfectly understandable reason to do so) but it seemed like a random thing to decide to experiment with. It’s not a major thing and maybe if the show had had more episodes it wouldn’t feel like this came out of left-field as much as it did.

Nitpicking aside, any show that can take microbes and bacteria and turn them cute and still very educational deserves a lot of praise as well as a second season. I don’t know if this’ll get picked up for America, the science that sneaks into the show might turn off companies that are used to dealing with ninjas, pirates, and the like, whereas the non-science stuff (wannabe dominatrix, cross-dresser, and an aphrodisiac that only works on girl-girl relationships) would more then likely prevent any one like PBS, Discovery Channel, or other channels that are looking for a great way to introduce science to kids from bringing it over.


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