Made some wallpapers you might enjoy.

I putter in photoshop every now and again and sometimes I come up with wallpaper that’s nice. Here’s a couple that I made. I did both in 1280×1024, 1600×1200, and 1920×1200 formats for your viewing/downloading pleasure.

The first is a pic taken by the Mars rovers and I added the launch patches of both rovers to it. Most people have forgotten about these little rovers traveling the surface of Mars but they’re quietly still toiling away well past there supposed life expectancy of around 90 days (over 4 years now). edit – since posting I came across an article that budget cuts are likely to suspend one of the two rovers. A measly ~0.0001% of the national budget would keep both rovers going.


mars_rover1.jpg mars_rover1a.jpgmars_rover1b.jpg

I came across a nice pic of Yuki and wanted to make into a desktop but it wasn’t desktop shaped. After the addition of a great space background and some lightning it now looks perfect.



Look for more wallpapers in the future.


3 thoughts on “Wallpapers”

  1. guardando questa immagine si puo supporre un luogo in cui un tempo poteva eserci un mare-ma siccome oggi non c.è niente i prossimi astronavi su marte dovranno far fatica per poter girare fare una strada, creare le condizioni per vivere— ma sara una gara dura—e impossibile -problemi sia come mano d opera attrezzi clima- e quant,altro—-ho scritto questo commento—-mi risponda qualcosa…..grazie antonio


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