Trigun and Oh! My Goddess TV Season 1



I realized that my thoughts about these two shows are quite similiar. Read on to find out how.


Trigun: 7/12, B
Oh! My Goddess, Season 1: 7/12, B


Trigun, if you don’t know follows the life of the human typhoon Vash the Stampede also known as the 60 billion double dollar man (for the bounty on his head). He doesn’t believe in killing (much like Kenshin) so he needs great skill to injure instead of just killing with his guns. This desire to avoid killing has made his life tough – at one point in the anime we see him without his shirt on and his torso is covered in countless scars and gashes – which helped make him one of my favorite characters of all-time. He travels a marginally terraformed planet that looks like the American southwest righting wrongs and trying to stop his brother from trying to kill all the humans on this planet.


Oh! My Goddess the TV series, season 1 introduced us to Belldandy and her 2 two sisters. The ball got rolling when K1 (Keiichi) accidentally called heaven and got the Goddess Help-Line. He receives one wish and he wishes (in a joking manner) for Belldandy to live with him forever. The wish is considered valid so Belldandy comes to live with K1 but of course having a goddess living on the earth will disturb things in heaven and on the earth.

Judging from the pictures it might seem like these two shows wouldn’t share much in common, and you’d be right. The shows themselves are very different shows but the reason I think they’re quite similar is that both shows felt like they squandered a large amount of potential greatness that the characters of the shows had to themselves. I mentioned Vash being one of my favorite all-time characters and the other characters of Trigun were all very good characters. Likewise, the cast of Oh! My Goddess rank very highly as well, with Belldandy being a very lovable character and someone I wouldn’t want to see sad.

When I watched Trigun the show was oddly paced with what should have been the season climax coming 4 or 5 episodes before the end and then a time leap occurred which should have been the start of a second season. In the end the show suffered from this pacing and ended up with a 7/12, B whereas the characters I’d rank a solid 12/12. Likewise the cast of Oh! My Goddess would rank around a 11/12 with the show only getting a 7/12 because it felt like that the first season wasted alot of it’s time. I would almost say that a a well paced 13 episode season could have done everything that the 26 episode series accomplished. Now I’m not saying something big has to happen every episode because I’ve watched plenty of shows where not much happens but the good ones always leave a feeling like important stuff went on even if it was only the main character walking to school.

In conclusion, whereas I liked Oh! My Goddess and Trigun alot, I enjoyed their characters more then the show and just wished their associated animes had turned out better to better showcase the characters.


2 thoughts on “Trigun and Oh! My Goddess TV Season 1”

  1. VAsh the Stampede! woah! it’s been a long time since I watch this series, I was in highschool when I first saw TRigun. And been amazed by VAsh’s characteristic. he’s one of my favorite anime ICon. by the way, is it ok I use you pic as my banner?

    you can check my SIte, and see how it looks…
    (can we EXchange links?)


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