2008 Spring Anime Preview


What better start my first anime preview post than with a pic of a show that probably won’t ever exist. Many blogs do this type of post and in fact I used THAT Animeblog‘s spring preview (and some of their pictures as well) to figure out which shows look interesting to me. Make sure you visit them or someone else for a more complete listing.

For the most part the ability to guess ahead of time which shows will be awesome and which ones will suck is about as easy as guessing the weather 10 days from now. For example, when the spring 2006 previews were posted, only one blog out of at least 25 that I read mentioned ‘The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya’ and only in passing (saying that they’d give Haruhi a shot because of their job done of AIR). We all know what happened next though; a few people watched the first episode and started talking about how awesome the show and a domino effect took place and within a couple of episodes everyone had watched it and for the vast, vast majority of people we all loved the show. It went on to be the humongous hit we all know in hindsight it was destined to be and Aya Hirano and Kyoto Animation became the stars they are today.

For my picks I decided to look at a few things to decide which shows I’m interested in. The first is which animation house is doing the work, the second is by seiyuu (voice actor) and the third is source material/premise.

First up is the anime Allison & Lillia.


Wiki Link
Official Website

The story seems to be about a guy and girl that go seeking some sort of machine that will end a hundred year war on a world at about the 1940’s level of technology. It’s to run for 26 episodes and is being animated by Madhouse. What’s got me interested is that the author of the light novels that this is based on is also the one who wrote Kino’s Journey.

Zettai Karen Children


Wiki Link
Official Website

The story for this one involves psychic powered 10 year olds that fight evil. Two reasons that this show interests me is firstly the animation house is Synergy SP which has been doing Hayate and the second is one of the main characters is being voiced by Aya Hirano aka Haruhi, Misa, and Konata.

Nabari no Ou


Wiki Link
Official Website

This one involves ninjas and the fate of the world. The reason for my interest is that it’s being done by JC Staff aka the people that did Azumanga Daioh, Shakugan no Shana, Ghosthunt, and Potemayo; also, Rie Kugimiya is doing a voice for the show. From wiki it appears she’s doing the guy who’s the main character so I guess I can’t expect her doing a Shana or Nagi voice but we can’t win them all I guess.

Kamen no Maid Guy


Official website has just this picture and I couldn’t find a wiki entry for it. This one is also being done by Madhouse. What interests me for this one is that the premise sounds alot like Hayate and since Hayate is ending it’s 52 episode run (another run of Hayate is needed stat) I’m all for another dose of butlers.

RD Sennou Chousashitsu


Official Website

Cyperpunk from the people (Production I.G.) who did Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is reason enough to watch. If I permit myself a few more words I’d say that this anime takes place in 2061 in a world where people can upload themselves onto a cyper-network called Metal and this environment gives people the ability to act on desires that they wouldn’t do so in real life and this produces friction with those in the real world.

Toshokan Sensou


Official Website

The time is 2019 and the Japanese government passes law that regulate the flow of information and suppress anything that’s deemed undesirable. Libraries rise up and fight the power. The premise interests me since I feel this isn’t to far from one possible course the 21st century will go. Also, it’s being done by Production I.G. (see above) and finally Marina Inoue does a voice (Yoko from Gurren-Lagann and also Kana from Minami-ke).

Nijuu Menzou Musume


Official Site

A story about a female thief. Reason to watch – Aya Hirano is doing a voice.



Official Site

I know I will regret putting this here since Studio Deen is doing this but the story is about a boy who gets sent to a high-tech museum to help his understanding of Japanese history but somehow he gets stuck inside the simulation of the Edo Period. Since Kenshin, I’ve enjoyed anime set in classical times so if Studio Deen doesn’t mess this up it could be a very interesting anime.

So there you go, this is my list of anime that interests me. No we’ll see which shows pan out and which shows I missed that I need to watch.


One thought on “2008 Spring Anime Preview”

  1. Aya Hirano isn’t doing “a” voice.
    She’s doing “the” voice.
    And there’s Satou Rina voicing another Haruka.
    This anime will be epic win.


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