Nagisa Furukawa


With Clannad episode 20 out, alot of bloggers have been talking about how they’re warming up to Nagisa. I remember thinking way back in episode 1 that Tomoya couldn’t much better then ending up with Nagisa. After recently watching season one of the TV series Ah! My Goddess I have another reason why I like Nagisa. Her mom is Belldandy – or rather her mom’s seiyuu (voice actor) is the same as Belldandy’s. See below

Nagisa's Mom


3 thoughts on “Nagisa Furukawa”

  1. At ep 1, we all knew she would be the inevitable “end girl” so I guess that biased us into disliking her for a while when she still had a lot of growing up to do. We could fawn over the still-available Kyou and Tomoyo all the while, who (to me) represent instant-pleasure passionable mates for Tomoya.

    But now that all those arcs are over, and after we’ve finished reeling from the hurt in ep19, I guess we’re ready to focus on Nagisa again and her slow-developing long-term-emotional-love relationship with Tomoya.


  2. I’m glad to hear another pro-Nagisa blogger, but would you mind explaining why you are liking Nagisa because Sanae’s seiyuu is Inoue Kikuko?

    I mean… I don’t really see the connection here…


  3. Thanks for the comment Kurogane, I probably should have spelled out my thought process better.

    When I hear a voice I recognize I often associate the other character with the one I’m listening to. So, for example, in Lord of the Rings when Elrond talks I can’t help but think of Agent Smith from the Matrix. Or when I’m listening to an anime dub and I hear Crispin Freeman (my favorite dub actor), I can’t help but think of some of the roles he played like Togusa, Alex Rowe, Amon, Holland, and Kyon. It normally makes me like a character more then if someone else had voiced him or her. So when I listen to Sanae I can’t help but add Belldandy into the equation and then I think to myself along the lines of wow, having Belldandy as your mom would be so cool and doesn’t that make Nagisa part-goddess.

    Now if Nayuki’s mom seiyuu, Yūko Minaguchi, had been Nagisa’s mom then I’d be thinking that Nagisa would have great jam making skills.

    I don’t know if other people do this but that’s the connection in my mind. Almost every episode seems to give a reason why Nagisa is so great but this (having Belldandy as a mom) just seemed to stick in my mind.


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