Tokyo Anime Awards


Just saw this on “Derailed by Darry” (aka Anime on My Mind) and – The Tokyo International Anime Fair has announced the winners of their Tokyo Anime Awards.

They picked a pretty good list of stuff from what I can tell with the Evangelion remake getting Animation of the Year. For best TV animation the award goes to both Gurren-Lagann and Dennou Coil. Yoko Kanno won for best music in Aquarion and Atsushi Hishigori won Best Character Design for Gurren-Lagann. A show I’ve never heard of before, Tekkonkinkreet, won for best original story. You can follow the Anime News Network link to see the entire list.

It would have been sweet if Aya Hirano could have repeated in the best voice actor category. Though her work in Lucky Star was just very exceptional and superb as compared to her work with Haruhi which was godly.


2 thoughts on “Tokyo Anime Awards”

  1. <b.Tekkonkinkreet is rather interesting, but the animation style may not be everyone’s cup of tea. It’s out on DVD. I bought my copy at BestBuy. I mainly bought it for the music which is done by an electronic group called “Plaid”.

    It’s an interesting piece of work. Cheers.



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