Sketchbook ~full color’S~ Series Review and Wrapup


Series Review and Wrapup for Sketchbook ~full color’S~ with lots of screen shots.
First off I’d like to thank Spoonsubs for their efforts in fansubbing this show.

Final Series Score: 12/12 11.5/12  Near Perfect
Rewatchablity: high, I hope to watch this with my sister soon
Pros: great and likable cast of characters, relaxing slice-of-life feel, top-notch animation that wasn’t flashy but very pleasant to look at
Cons: none, though it does make me wish I could draw because I want to run out and buy a sketchbook now

Awards that this blog has given to the show

  • #9 in Top 10 for 2007
  • Favorite Character Type of 2007 for North American Exchange Student – Kate

Opening Song:

“Kaze Sagashi” by Natsumi Kiyoura

Closing Song:

“Sketchbook o Motta mama” by Yui Makino


As you can tell my the rating, I really liked this show. It follows the life and times of a high school art club, their family, friends and cats. The main character is Sora who starts the series as being very shy but slowly and almost without notice loses alot of this shyness by the end of the series. She tries to live life at her own pace and always carries her sketchbook around.





Cats also played a prominent role in this series with there own trials and tribulations including Sora’s feeding them expired food, trying to find owners, and what to do with Kate’s English-speaking cat. Most of the students in the art club had their own personality quirks (as all creative people do) : one talks using hand puppets, another collects bugs, one draws a completely black canvas when asked what interests her, etc. The teacher fits right in with a pet chicken called P-chan that often hangs out on the teacher’s head.






Here’s a video of some clips of Kate as well as her cat interacting with the local cats.

The animation feels simple yet beautiful which fits right into the whole show. Since, one of things that the show did time and again so well was to make us the viewers look at the everyday events and see something profound and interesting. At one point Sora watches then realize how people in general act differently around their friends and their family; it feels to us like a deep thought when she does and maybe it is. Sometimes it feels like the most important things in understanding life come from the simplest things.

Then there are the times that one of character does something or says something that seems to pulled from your own life. For example, during the firework scene Sora mentions that she likes to squint her eyes when looking at fireworks because they look better. I was shocked, I like to do this with fireworks and with our family Christmas tree – I thought I was the only person that noticed this but it turns out I’m not.

So if you are looking for a great show to relax and unwind you couldn’t do much better then watching Sketchbook.




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