Phun and laughs

XKCD #386

My favorite webcomic XKCD, Wednesday’s comic is shown above. Click to go visit this awesome webcomic.

Non-SF and anime stuff taking my time up. Playing the most awesome mod Broken Crescent for Medieval 2: Total War. I have led the Kingdom of Georgia out of Caucasus Mountains to take most of modern day Turkey including Constantinople and swept down and taken large sections of the middle east including Jerusalem and Bagdad.

Yesterday, I came across a program called Phun which is a 2D physics modeler. Check out these videos of the program in action.

Go here to download the program for free.

And speaking of XKCD, here’s something to at least pretend this is a related post:
And because we all use youtube:

One thought on “Phun and laughs”

  1. Okay that comic made me laugh out loud. How many times have I gone huffing to bed because I can’t BELIEVE how STOOPID some online people ARE. hahahahaha


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