Wasting time on Utube


A few of my favorite AMV’s while I get geared up to start reviewing stuff.

Starting a blog might not be the smartest thing to do for someone that finds writing difficult and it’s definitely not smart to start a blog when your computer is down for the count but oh well – that’s how I like to do things. Hopefully working on a blog helps the first and I can report that the second problem has been fixed after much effort by my brother-in-law (who deserves more thanks than I could hope to give). He first tried to get my old computer working again but when that proved hopeless, helped me pick new parts and he put them together so that I’d have a brand new computer.

All this means that it’s very difficult me to anime right now and I’m reading through Dan Simmons’ Hyperion right now – expect a review when I finish – so here’s a few of my favorite AMV’s that I’ve caught on YouTube till I can get everything reinstalled.

Spoilers if you haven’t seen these shows yet, watch at your own risk —

This is probably one of the best examples of a song matching the source material.

This one is part 2 of a multi-part reflection on Gurren-Lagann. This one is set to Matchbox 20’s How Far We’ve Come (a current favorite). This one is another example of the song matching the source material so well.

The next couple are for Lucky Star.

The movie 300 had the best trailer to parody, and here’s two such ones.

Catch more in part 2.

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