2007 Asimov’s Readers’ Award Ballot

Picks for best covers

Yeah second post !

These are my picks for Asimov’s 2007 Reader’s Choice Award:

For the ballot we are to pick our top 3 choices in each category.


  1. All Seated on the Ground by Connie Willis
  2. Recovering Apollo 8 by Kristine K. Rusch
  3. Dead Money by Lucius Shepard


  1. Hikikomori’s Cartoon Kimono by A.R. Morlan (no wiki link)
  2. Trunk and Disorderly by Charles Stross
  3. Night Calls by Robert Reed

Short Story

  1. The Rules by Nancy Kress
  2. A Small Room in Koboldtown by Michael Swanwick
  3. Teacher’s Lounge by Tim McDaniel (no wiki link)


  1. December 2007 (middle one)
  2. January 2007 (left one)
  3. March 2007 (right one)

I commend Sheila Wiliams for another strong year of Asimov’s. Since it was Asimov’s 30th year we the readers had a few special treats such as a reprinting of Isaac Asimov’s famous Nightfall and the beginning of the serialization of Allen Steele’s new Coyote novel.

With all the great fiction it was hard to pick just my top three but I use a couple means to narrow it down – 1) Can I remember what the story is about by just reading the name and 2) did the story leave an impression with me. And of course I also look at quality of ideas, characters, and writing.

It would come as no shock if you knew me that I’d rate Willis and Rusch as my 1/2 in novella. In the novelette category I knew as soon as I saw hikikomori in the title I’d love it and I did – who couldn’t love a story about a hikikomori who painted traditional kimonos before having to flee to America to get rid of his hikikomori ways and take up tattooing. Stross’ Trunk and Disorderly is just great writing from the master of the Singularity, and Robert Reed’s story does a great job in recalling Asimov’s Nightfall and making the story feel more current and real at the same time. The short stories was the hardest to pick due to their number and I wouldn’t quibble if a dozen other stories were picked in the end.

Finally, I’d like to especially mention Tom Purdom’s “Mists of Time”, Jim Grimsley’s “The Sanguine”, Robert Silverberg’s “The Eater of Dreams”, John Schoffstall’s “Bulletdance”, and both of R. Neube’s works as stories I’d have liked to vote for.


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