Hello world!

A picture of Mars from NASA’s rover Opportunity

Welcome to The null set !! 🙂

Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog. I intend for this blog to cover two of my interest areas – anime and print science fiction – and when the two mix. You can also expect very occasional posts about manga and SF movies/series as well. Postcountwise it will probably be about 75% anime versus 25% science fiction since it takes longer to read a novel or an edition of a magazine then watch an episode of anime.

The blog is named “The null set” because I am pessimistic when I consider the set of anime watchers and the set of print science fiction readers but in reality I suspect there is a fair amount of overlap between the two. My desire to blog comes from the feeling when I’m watching or reading something amazing and wanting to share it with other people; therefore, don’t expect me to blog about shows I dislike except to urge others to stay-away. I will try to be fair when I rate something on this blog so if something’s not my cup of tea I won’t exaggerate or lie; likewise with something I love. When I talk about a great book or anime like Dan Simmons’ Ilium/Olympos or Gainax’s Gurren Lagann I won’t gloss over how it takes probably close to 200 pages of Ilium to establish what’s going on or episode 4 of Gurren Lagann but, in the end both deserve the highest possible awards.

Gurren Nagi Lagann

As you can probably tell by now I am not in any way a writer nor an elitist critic just a fan of anime and science fiction. When I grade something it will be out of a scale of 12 and approximately work out as:

  • 12/12 Perfect (or as close to perfect as possible)
  • 11/12 A+
  • 10/12 A
  • 09/12 A-
  • 08/12 B+
  • 07/12 B
  • 06/12 B-
  • 05/12 C+
  • 04/12 C
  • 03/12 D
  • 02/12 F
  • 01/12 Epic Fail

When something rates a 12/12 a secondary score will be added (out of 100) in parenthesis’s to roughly show how awesome and important it is. For example Gurren Lagann episode 26 would rate a 12/12 (100) whereas Clannad episode 14 would rate probably a 12/12 (40) because though it’s about as perfect as possible and ends a story arc, it is not a final climax episode and it only hits awesomeness towards the end of the episode.

So welcome and have a nice day


3 thoughts on “Hello world!”

  1. By law, you must warn me before you divulge any spoilers! Promise!!! (and a couple extra spaces before and after the spoiler so I can easily skip it without accidently seeing it)…. Don’t tell me this is too complicated, this is the Law of Blogs.


  2. From my experience, Steel is pretty good at obfuscating spoilers and does so using the indirect method of never mentioning spoilers, only hints that are too ambiguous for most people to figure out. Although some people are better at figuring stuff out then others, if they keep thinking about it.

    As for my own personal view of rating anime, since anything at or below a 2.5/5 is basically an epic fail to me, I used 3/5 and 3.5/5 for the interesting, but average shows that had only slightly more good than bad content. 4/5, 4.5/5 for the above average or special shows that were nonetheless flawed in some way, shape, or fashion. And finally, 5/5 for the shows that basically Steel rates as 12/12 (100). Instead of having two numbers for one rating, I just got rid of the lower echelon dead wood. Since I wasn’t gong to use the lower numbers anyway for much of anything, after all. Concurrently, as a result, my anime ratings tends to be 10-20% 5/5, 25-35% 4.5/5, 30% 4/5, and the rest are 3/5 or 3.5/5 being like another 10%.


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