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Remember to Get Your Nominations in for the Animusic Tourney and, Incidentally, Here are my Picks to Help Jog Your Memory


Since those reading this are probably already aware of the impending start of the Animusic Tournament, I’m writing only to remind people that the time to nominate their favorite OP/ED/insert songs is fast running out.

To help those that haven’t filled out their nominations yet let me help you with a look at the 15 songs I nominated after an exhaustive search through my anime music collection.  :)

1. Gurren Lagann – “Libera me” from Hell – 2007, insert

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My Top 20 Anime of All-Time – #10 to #1

The danger of putting together a list like this is the sudden temptation to rewatch the series that one mentions instead of trying to finish writing up said list. A quick look at what I’m watching confirms that I don’t even have the room to fit in Planetes, Haibane Renmei, or Paranoia Agent. To name but three series that I really want to rewatch right now, maybe over the quieter summer season I’ll find the time. (It might be a quiet season but there’s still Moyashimon season 2 to get excited about.)

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My Top 10 Anime of All-Time – #10 to #6

Everyone has one and there’s no surer way for other people to figure out loads of information about a person then from a person’s personal top 10 list. The genre of shows the person likes, the length the person has been a fan of anime, if the person is an elitist fan or a populist fan, what the person thinks about old anime being superior to new anime and vice-versa, if the person watches anime with fan-subs or dubs are just some of the things people can glean from a top 10 anime list. Even using some other number then 10 can be illuminating; a person doing their top 75 anime shows is saying something completely different then a person that only has a top 4 or top 6 list.

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Channeling My Interior Chiri Kitsu to Properly Fix A Joke From the Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei Manga

Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei (Goodbye, Mr. Despair) is known for being deeply tied to Japanese culture and current Japanese events. Which makes Del Rey’s end-notes very helpful when reading the manga but sometimes these notes do not answer the question I have. In this case, the central idea to Chapter 32 (in Volume 4) of the manga is that Christmas is ruined for Mr. Despair because it appears he was conceived on that day and thinking about that event makes it impossible to have fun on that day (and the teasing he receives after everyone else worked out the math didn’t help either).

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Spring 2010 Anime Impressions – Arakawa Under the Bridge

The next anime in the spotlight comes from one of the hardest working directors in anime today, Akiyuki Shinbou, and his cohorts-in-crime, Shaft animation studio. Since coming off last summer’s monster hit, Bakemonogatari, anime fans have been eagerly waiting for the next big thing from the Shinbou/Shaft team. Which leads us to the $64,000 dollar question; is Arakawa Under the Bridge the next hit or the next miss from Shinbou/Shaft?

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If Anime Is Dead Then Death Has Never Looked So Good

With the timing of Al Gore and the intelligence of Joe Biden, the recent rant by Bang Zoom’s President about the impending death of anime is so sad, it’s hilarious. If it was a well-written piece I might feel like I needed to write a rebuttal but it wasn’t, not by a long shot, which leads one to ask – “Why are you bringing up Mr. Sherman’s rambling rant?” Well, I’d answer, there are some things I wanted to mention related to issue at hand and this is as good of a time as any.

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