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Top Seven Anime of the Winter 2009 Season


About two weeks ago, I started penciling in the picks for the previous three parts as well coming up with the top shows of the season. In the time between the preliminary picks and the final picks there was a few shows that went all out to make me reconsider them. Changing my picks was most apparent in this part, the top seven anime of the season; I revised this list 6 or 7 times before finalizing. I’m satisfied with this list and how the shows are ranked. Since we’re so near the end of the season the only thing that can really upset this list is a catastrophic failure of an ending.

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Top Picks – Winter 2009 Anime, Part 3: VMA Awards


Time to shine the spotlight on those components that can elevate an anime from good to memorable. That’s not to say that perfection is required from the voice actors, music, and the animation to make a show memorable but it certainly helps. For example, if I say the words Paranoia Agent, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it the creepy, yet awesome, opening song or maybe the surreal ending song – for me, that’s what I immediately think of and I bet it’s the same for a lot of other people.

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Top Picks – Winter 2009 Anime, Part 2: Genre Awards


The first part looked at the characters within the show and now this group of awards (minus one misfit) looks at the series as a whole. I used many of the same categories from the 2008 best awards but I trimmed a few because there was not enough competition. For example, the category of best slice-of-life show had only one anime that really fit, Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou. It’s good enough to be worthy of getting cited but without any competition, I just don’t feel right in doing so.

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Top Picks – Winter 2009 Anime, Part 1: Cast and Character Awards

If I was giving an award for best hair cut, the guy on the left would win.

The winter season, as conventional wisdom goes, is one of the weaker seasons for new anime. Oftentimes this generalization has some truth to it but this time a combination of sequels to good shows and a handful of new hits made this a pretty strong season. I’d go so far and say that between the carryover shows and the new shows, I think it’s going to hard for the spring season to have as many good shows.

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Weekly Anime Review (Mar 2 – Mar 8)


This was a good week of anime watching. Many of the shows are inching towards their conclusions and others are transitioning from introducing the series to getting to the central story of the series. Also this week, I watched one of the most bewildering scenes I have ever seen in an anime – I’m still not sure if I liked it or not.

Before I get to the scores, I’m listening to the Cruel Angel Thesis cover by Itou Shizuka on the Hayate cover cd and the thought has come to me that I’d have to argue for Cruel Angel Thesis being the all-time top opening song in anime. It’s one of the few songs that will probably be remembered by anime fandom for a very long time. If we haven’t blown ourselves up, I’d even bet that a hundred years from now, people will still recognize the song.

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Weekly Anime Review (Feb 16 – Feb 22)


Looking over my scores this week; I realized something, we’re already halfway through the winter season. It won’t be long before spring is upon us, both in anime and in weather. In my neck of the woods, spring is getting ready to start: a few of our crocuses have already broken dormancy, I killed two spiders in the basement today, and my mom spotted a returning robin a couple of days ago.

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