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Film Review – Pixar’s UP


I finally had the opportunity to catch Pixar’s latest work – Up. As a fan of Pixar from their very first movie, Toy Story, I had every intention of catching this in the movie theaters but various reasons prevented me at first. When I was ready to go, it had been playing for well over a month and I figured at this point, I should just wait till it hit the cheap movies. So I started waiting and as summer wore on, I continued to wait; sure that if I gave in, it would move to the cheap movies the next week and I’d be out the extra six dollars I would pay to see it in the first run theater. My patience was rewarded and this past weekend Up showed up at the local cheap movies. :)

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Winter Anime Impressions – Hetalia Axis Powers


Because of some presumptive complaining, Hetalia Axis Powers had it’s television run canceled. The bruha-ha helped ensure that when this series was released over the net, even more people would watch. Which is what happened, the website hosting this show crashed from the high demand. I can’t help but think the tv people should have realized that the publicity would ensure a large audience and stuck to airing this, especially if the complaints are unfounded.

The question now is Hetalia Axis Powers any good?

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Winter Anime Impressions – Genji Monogatari Sennenki or A Tale of Genji


Now that I finished up with my look back at 2008, it’s time to get back to the current season with a few more anime first impressions. The first is from one of the shows I was looking forward to, Genji. This is based off of the world’s first novel, it’s a thousand years old and considered a classic.

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Winter Anime Impressions – Minami-Ke: Okaeri


Asread animation studio has been raked over the coals by much of the anime fandom for their lackluster second series of Minami-Ke because it couldn’t compete with Studio Doumu’s first season. I think much of the vitriol was uncalled for because the second season was still better then most of the recent comedy series.

So, while I was hoping Studio Doumu would come back to do the third series, I was more then willing to give Asread another shot (especially after their involvement in Ga-Rei: Zero).

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Weekly Anime Review (Nov 23 – Nov 30)


Before anyone begins to think I can’t add probably, there is a reason why eight days are covered in this weekly anime review – I wanted to shift the start of the week by a day, from Sunday to Monday, and had to add that extra day somewhere. I hope this will improve my ability to write this column.

I also wanted to mention here that I decided to drop Hyakko in the end. I just couldn’t bring myself to get the next episode so I figured that meant it was dropped by default. I know some of the people out there are enjoying this show which makes me half wonder why I’m not. It should have been an easy sale on it’s part to get me to like it but it didn’t happen. Onto what I did watch this week.

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