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[Commie] Ping Pong - 01 [C72FE0AD].mkv_snapshot_23.01_[2014.05.18_03.11.21]

Ping Pong OST – A Review

Spring season’s Ping Pong is the only anime that has made or will make a serious attempt this year at dislodging Hunter x Hunter from being the best anime of 2014. (Psycho-Pass 2 looks like the only title from the upcoming fall season that a chance to compete for a spot near the top, just not numbers 1 or 2.) There were many reasons for Ping Pong’s success but the one I want to focus on today is the soundtrack.

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Film Review – Pixar’s UP


I finally had the opportunity to catch Pixar’s latest work – Up. As a fan of Pixar from their very first movie, Toy Story, I had every intention of catching this in the movie theaters but various reasons prevented me at first. When I was ready to go, it had been playing for well over a month and I figured at this point, I should just wait till it hit the cheap movies. So I started waiting and as summer wore on, I continued to wait; sure that if I gave in, it would move to the cheap movies the next week and I’d be out the extra six dollars I would pay to see it in the first run theater. My patience was rewarded and this past weekend Up showed up at the local cheap movies. :)

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Winter Anime Impressions – Hetalia Axis Powers


Because of some presumptive complaining, Hetalia Axis Powers had it’s television run canceled. The bruha-ha helped ensure that when this series was released over the net, even more people would watch. Which is what happened, the website hosting this show crashed from the high demand. I can’t help but think the tv people should have realized that the publicity would ensure a large audience and stuck to airing this, especially if the complaints are unfounded.

The question now is Hetalia Axis Powers any good?

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Winter Anime Impressions – Genji Monogatari Sennenki or A Tale of Genji


Now that I finished up with my look back at 2008, it’s time to get back to the current season with a few more anime first impressions. The first is from one of the shows I was looking forward to, Genji. This is based off of the world’s first novel, it’s a thousand years old and considered a classic.

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Winter Anime Impressions – Minami-Ke: Okaeri


Asread animation studio has been raked over the coals by much of the anime fandom for their lackluster second series of Minami-Ke because it couldn’t compete with Studio Doumu’s first season. I think much of the vitriol was uncalled for because the second season was still better then most of the recent comedy series.

So, while I was hoping Studio Doumu would come back to do the third series, I was more then willing to give Asread another shot (especially after their involvement in Ga-Rei: Zero).

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