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My Top 20 Anime of All-Time – #20 to #11

Two years ago I finally put together my first top anime of all-time list because, after 8 years of being a serious anime fan, I thought I’d finally seen enough anime and my tastes had stabilized enough that it would be a meaningful reflection of what I considered the very best for other people to see. Also the first aniblog tournament was occurring and all the cool blogs already had Top 10/20/35/50 lists :) . I was proud of the result and figured that I wouldn’t need to update it for years to come.

How silly of me.

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Secret Santa Project – Noein Review

I know what you’re thinking at this point – “He’s still alive? It’s a Christmas miracle!” Actually, probably not and those same readers probably don’t want some long meta explanation as to why I’ve been absent when you’re just here for an anime review. Don’t worry, I feel your pain; my excuse is related :) . I like to write about anime that excites me in one way or the other and it was difficult to find that spark this season when compared to the two anime series that I watched for the Secret Santa Project.

I can’t tell you how many times I thought, “Gee, I really should write something for my anime blog … Noein was an awesome show … but I have to wait till Christmas eve to post about it … well, ahm … Noein was an awesome show …” repeat to ad nauseam. Of course, what I should have done was taken the time to write my review of Noein during November or any day of December before today but the side of me that demands perfection told me I had plenty of time to figure out how best to convey the sheer epic epicness of Noein. I’m not that surprised that it’s Christmas eve and I’m just starting now without figuring the perfect pitch :) .

This is the best I’ve come up with.

Noein is ambitious, grand science fiction; wrapped in an emotionally satisfying story of love, redemption, and friendship; executed perfectly and featuring some of the best animated and choreographed action scenes ever.

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