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Summer Anime Pickups – Sabagebu!: First Impressions

[Anime-Koi] Sabagebu! - 01v2 [h264-720p][86C2BC49].mkv_snapshot_09.48_[2014.07.31_00.51.39]The fourth and final anime series that I found myself picking up this season is the comedy series Sabagebu!. I was extremely leery of picking up another cute girls playing Airsoft anime after Gainax’s C3 Club crashed and burned. (Thus furthering the idea that Gainax is now a walking zombie, a cruel parody of what it used to be.) And I wouldn’t have except for this one weird fact I learned about Sabagebu!.

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Winter 2013 Mid-Season Anime Report: Part 2


Two carryover series that kinda surprised me are Ixion Saga: Dimension Transfer and Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo. I was positive that Ixion Saga: DT had wrung out all the possible comedy to the show during the Fall season and I had all but consigned the series to my dropped series list when it found a secret stash or something and improved enough that I know I’m going to finish watching the series. The other, Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, had moments of greatness interspaced between the meh during the Fall season. It was a real uneven rollercoaster that I was expecting to see fall apart during the second half but it too suddenly improved. It’s problems got smoothed out, the pacing became perfect and the storytelling was (is) almost constantly great.

And two more carryover series – Space Brothers and Hunter x Hunter – have been given the go ahead to carry on past this season so I can’t bemoan their impending ends (yet).

I don’t want to turn myself into a liar therefore I won’t cover anymore of the carryover series and will move on now.

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My Top 10 Anime of All-Time – #5 to #1

A hint about my top pick, and no, it's not as simple as it seems.

I was not planning on taking this long to finish this part of my top 10 anime but as I tried to write something for each anime, I found it increasingly difficult to do so. Some of the anime on this part I could write thousands of words about and still not get everything said I want to say about them which made writing only a paragraph or two about them extremely challenging. I finally finished, though, and present the second half of my top 10 anime of all-time now.


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Top 5 All-time Anime Comedies


I’m always leery of writing top all-time posts because I realize that I don’t have the encyclopedic knowledge that a decade long anime fan might have so I always worry about missing obvious picks. And I’d probably skip them all-together if I didn’t realize that such lists give readers and potential readers a large amount of information about a writer (as was pointed out elsewhere just recently). Before I tackle an overall top all-time list, I want to start with an easier list that I’m more sure upon – my picks for top anime comedies.

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Top Picks – Winter 2009 Anime, Part 1: Cast and Character Awards

If I was giving an award for best hair cut, the guy on the left would win.

The winter season, as conventional wisdom goes, is one of the weaker seasons for new anime. Oftentimes this generalization has some truth to it but this time a combination of sequels to good shows and a handful of new hits made this a pretty strong season. I’d go so far and say that between the carryover shows and the new shows, I think it’s going to hard for the spring season to have as many good shows.

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Weekly Anime Review (Mar 9 – Mar 15)


This week’s review is getting done much later then I wanted and there’s a few reasons for that but the primary reason is that the ending to Clannad gave my brain a bunch of things to chew on and I couldn’t get in the right mood to write this column. The ending adds greatly onto a post I’ve been trying to gather and order about Clannad; this includes refuting the idea that Clannad had a “Deus ex Machina” ending. This is requiring me to got back to the first season and refreshing my memory; so far I’ve hacked a short movie together and collected a few screenshots. I hope to have that post done within the week along with my best anime of winter posts.

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