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Hunter x Hunter 116 – You Won’t Believe How Far Back You Need to Go to Find a Better Single Episode of Anime


My brain broke a few days ago and I hope talking about the cause – Hunter x Hunter episode 116 – will start the healing process because I have a slew of mediocre to good anime series I’m watching right now that I’d like to finish and, right now, I have utterly no desire to do so.

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Using Anime Soundtrack Albums to Fill Out Your Halloween Playlists


Happy Halloween!

This past weekend my sister was throwing a Halloween party for the extended family and, two days before, she came to me and asked if I’d make a Halloween mix playlist for the party. I knew she was expecting something containing ~10-15 tracks of mainly the “classics” like Monster Mash and a few instrumental pieces like the theme music of Twilight Zone and Psycho; however, I immediately thought of the eerie music from Shinsekai Yori and knew I needed to include that as well.

This set off a search through my other anime soundtrack albums – which, admittedly, is on the thin side – and I harvested almost 2 hours of music to use. I thought someone might find this list of anime songs useful in constructing their own playlist so I’m writing this post to share.

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Spring 2010 Anime Impressions – Arakawa Under the Bridge

The next anime in the spotlight comes from one of the hardest working directors in anime today, Akiyuki Shinbou, and his cohorts-in-crime, Shaft animation studio. Since coming off last summer’s monster hit, Bakemonogatari, anime fans have been eagerly waiting for the next big thing from the Shinbou/Shaft team. Which leads us to the $64,000 dollar question; is Arakawa Under the Bridge the next hit or the next miss from Shinbou/Shaft?

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A Memorial and Some Odds n Ends (Armed Librarians, Outlaw Star, Bakemonogatari)

I’m not sure how many people will care but I figure that I at least owe The Null Set readers an explanation to the whereabouts of it’s author and to offer some anime related content already.

During the last week of October and the first couple of days of November, I was helping my sister to nurse her one pet guinea pig, Lucy, back to health – trying to entice her to eat her food and when that failed, I held Lucy so my sister could force feed her. This ate a lot of time up in the day – not that I minded, in the 2.5 years we’ve had Lucy, I grew fond of her and also because it was the big brotherly thing to do. On Halloween it seemed like she was getting a little better but that turned out to be fleeting and by Monday, Lucy had passed away. Since than I’ve felt sad over the passing and depressed because my younger sister is heart-broken so I haven’t felt like writing.

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Top Seven Anime of the Summer 2009 Season


The final part of my look at the spectacular summer season is the countdown of the best titles of the season. This is always a difficult process since I enjoy so many different types of shows and there’s no clear-cut way of comparing a slice-of-life show to a shounen action show to a thought provoking SF drama set in the near future but at the same time, it’s fun because it helps me focus on exactly why I like certain shows.

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