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Remember to Get Your Nominations in for the Animusic Tourney and, Incidentally, Here are my Picks to Help Jog Your Memory


Since those reading this are probably already aware of the impending start of the Animusic Tournament, I’m writing only to remind people that the time to nominate their favorite OP/ED/insert songs is fast running out.

To help those that haven’t filled out their nominations yet let me help you with a look at the 15 songs I nominated after an exhaustive search through my anime music collection.  :)

1. Gurren Lagann – “Libera me” from Hell – 2007, insert

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This is One of the Reasons Why I LOVE Space Brothers


Look at the attention to detail as seen in this screenshot.

The set-up is all the potential astronaut candidates have to take part in a survival training  exercise in teams of six. The instructor states, as is obvious from the screenshot, that he wanted to keep the various countries together for this training exercise.

Note, however, there is exactly one country that has it’s astronaut candidates split up – Canada – and not only that but each one got put into a group with five people from the USA. American’s common desire to mock and deride Canadians to some degree is something I’d expect to see in an American show not an anime series from Japan. Then again maybe someone in production is a fan of MST3K:

Stranger things have happened.

Either way I loved to see this and have enjoyed the attention to detail Space Brothers has shown in every facet of itself.

This Post Contains Nearly 90 Years of Awesomeness

No joke.

Recently, two franchises with a combined history of 89 years released trailers for their respective upcoming series and watching them back-to-back left me with a pair of broken cheeks as a grin the size of the moon spread from ear to ear.

If you can guess which two franchises I’m referring too before looking below then give yourself a gold star because you’re a winner in my books. :)

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The Null Set is 3: Shouldn’t I Be Burned Out By Now?

xkcd - one of the funniest webcomics ever.


The actual birthday was on January 21st, which makes The Null Set exactly the same age as Hanner’s Anime Blog.

I’d like to thank everyone that’s taken time to read The Null Set over the past three years; it’s been a more successful and gratifying experience then I’d’ve ever imagined and it’s because of you. I would also like to thank those that take the time to comment on The Null Set (except the spammers out there); I oftentimes don’t reply promptly or even at all or leave comments on the blogs run by the commentators (even when I really enjoy their blogs) but I read and cherish each comment made.

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Best New OP of Fall 2010

Subtitled: I need an excuse to talk about my favorite OPs of the new season and might as well try to wring something worthwhile out of it. Therefore, I’m creating a new poll (in the navigation bar to the right) to ask the readers of The Null Set the question – What is the best new OP of the fall 2010 season?

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My Faith In Humanity Has Been Restored – AMV Hell 5

It’s been three years since AMV Hell 4 first injected it’s signature brand of entertainment straight to our brains with it’s most glorious mash-up of anime and popular culture. In those three years there’s been many an anime that I’d love to see used in a skit for AMV Hell and I’d find myself silently hoping that the message at the end of AMV Hell 4 about it being the last one would be proven wrong.

It turns out putting your hope in anime fans is a surer bet then Chicago politicians because AMV Hell 5 got made and we’re still waiting on that hope and change.

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