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My Problem with –ists Who Believe in –isms

Ancillary_Justice_horizThe Null Set is supposed to have a little SF sprinkled in between its coverage of anime but I’ve been neglecting that promise of late. Sure, I discussed the classic era of the TV series Doctor Who back on March 24, 2014 but one has to go back to April 5, 2013 to find the last time I talked about print SF (a review of the March 2013 issue of Asimov’s SF Magazine). So, being semi caught up with anime I decided to cast around for something SF to discuss. I remembered reading a review of a book that I’d just finished that rubbed me the wrong way because I thought it did a great disservice to the book and now here we are.

The book is Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie.

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Reflections on Classic Doctor Who from a New Who Fan


With Doctor Who’s Christmas episode signaling the start of a new era for the show I decided the best way to prepare for a new Doctor and to show my appreciation for everyone who, over the last 50 years, worked so hard to keep Doctor Who going was to watch as much of classic Doctor Who, the original 26 season run of the series, as I could stand and/or easily get my hands on.

Even with this resolve, as a person who’s only seen the new Doctor Who, I had worries; what I knew of the original run is what I read from comments and articles. I was expecting a show that bore little resemblance to the new Doctor Who based on the vehemence of comparisons made between the two by fans of the old. I was expecting a show with such truly horrible production values that it would impact the enjoyment of the show. I was expecting padded, questionable writing to be the standard with only a couple serials good enough to compete with the new series.

In short, I wasn’t expecting to particularly enjoy the task I’d set out to accomplish.

Read on to see how I fared or infer the results from the pile of current airing anime I’ve let accumulate from the last couple of weeks.

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Review – Asimov’s Science Fiction: March 2013


Much like this blog in general, my attempt at reviewing Asimov’s SF magazine lurches along with my review of the March issue. :)

Two things held me up this time. The first is that I lent this issue out to my Dad to read before I could write this review and had to wait for it’s return so I could use it as reference. The second was the lackluster nature of this issue made it difficult to care. So if this is a bit brief, there is a reason.

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Review – Asimov’s Science Fiction: February 2013


No, I didn’t forget about my pledge to review Asimov’s SF magazine this year. I wanted to finish my look back to the 2012 year of anime first but that’s done now and I can get to the other posts I’ve had cooking in my head.

Now onto the review of what just might end up being the strongest month of Asimov’s this year.

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Review – Asimov’s Science Fiction: January 2013


I’m not one to make a New Years resolution but this year I decided to try one out and so I’m going to attempt reviewing this year’s run of Asimov’s Science Fiction magazines for this blog.

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This Post Contains Nearly 90 Years of Awesomeness

No joke.

Recently, two franchises with a combined history of 89 years released trailers for their respective upcoming series and watching them back-to-back left me with a pair of broken cheeks as a grin the size of the moon spread from ear to ear.

If you can guess which two franchises I’m referring too before looking below then give yourself a gold star because you’re a winner in my books. :)

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