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The Difference Between Success and Failure is Small – A Reflection on MAL’s Fantasy Anime League so Far This Season

An ill-timed decision to try out the computer game Civilization V and the subsequent major loss of free time has left The Null Set very quiet this month of October. To be fair to Civ 5, it’s only about 85% to blame. I put off the final look to the Summer season after starting Haikyuu!! and realizing it would be incomplete without accounting for Haikyuu!!’s performance. I intend to get to an impressions post for this season up already but I keep finding titles worth watching – the latest, Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru. Looking around for something to write about before we slip into November I remembered the calculations I did for the current fall season of MAL’s Fantasy Anime League and thought someone would be interested in them.

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What in the Blue Blazes is Aoi Honoo?

I might not have a Twitter account but I do have a handful of Twitter accounts bookmarked that I follow and about a month ago I started noticing references to a show called Aoi Honoo. The screenshots frequently made me laugh out loud but I was hesitant to give the show a chance because it was a live-action show and not an anime. The only live action Japanese TV series I’d watched was about half of the live-action Sailor Moon series 10 years ago which left me with the impression to expect this format to lack the ability to be taken seriously and I shied away from Japanese live-action TV series ever since.

I recently finally gave in when I had no anime in the queue to watch and I was bored.

Good thing I did.

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[HorribleSubs] Sword Art Online II - 11 [720p].mkv_snapshot_00.02_[2014.09.14_02.15.27]

Sword Art Online is Annoyingly Bad

That Sword Art Online is annoying bad is, by no means, a recent realization on my part. I went into this second season fully expecting it to be. What does continue to surprise me is how well Sword Art Online can constantly find new ways to convince me that it is so annoying bad.

The recently aired episode 11 of the second season is hardily that different in this regard. I could point out several of the small to medium irking facets of the type common to each episode of Sword Art Online. However, there was a big whopper in this episode that I couldn’t pass over without comment.

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[Commie] Ping Pong - 01 [C72FE0AD].mkv_snapshot_23.01_[2014.05.18_03.11.21]

Ping Pong OST – A Review

Spring season’s Ping Pong is the only anime that has made or will make a serious attempt this year at dislodging Hunter x Hunter from being the best anime of 2014. (Psycho-Pass 2 looks like the only title from the upcoming fall season that a chance to compete for a spot near the top, just not numbers 1 or 2.) There were many reasons for Ping Pong’s success but the one I want to focus on today is the soundtrack.

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Summer 2014 Mid-Season Anime Report – Part 3: #8 to #1, The Good Stuff

[Vivid-Watashi] Aldnoah Zero - 08 [86B004EC].mkv_snapshot_12.32_[2014.08.25_02.03.12]
whose looking for her John Carter.

Eight titles are left to cover. Seven of these titles are new series with only a single series being a carryover from a previous season. Not bad for a season that typically considered one of the weaker ones. Eagle eyed readers can probably guess which series will be featured and how they will be ordered. Are you one of those eagle eyed readers? Read on to find out.

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Summer 2014 Mid-Season Anime Report – Part 2: #13 to #9, The Okay Stuff

[WhyNot] Free! Eternal Summer - 01 [D87811FC].mkv_snapshot_00.23_[2014.08.24_03.29.47]What’s strange about this season of anime is that it appears to feature anime series that are either not very good (hence the 10 series covered yesterday) or pretty good (the 8 series to be covered in the near future) with few series left in the middle ground of mediocrity. The five series that currently make up this group are featured below. My gut tells me that most of these series will raise up or stumble further before the end of the season. To find out if that will happen, don’t forget to tune back in for the season in review post. :)

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