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Final Impressions of the Spring 2014 Anime Season, Part 4 of 4

[Commie] Ping Pong - 11 [CD248944].mkv_snapshot_15.25_[2014.06.26_03.09.17]

If you’ve been keeping track of where the already covered anime series have placed then you’ve noticed that none of the top anime series have been covered. Give yourselves a pat on the back. Now, if you’ve realized that this season’s last place anime hasn’t been covered as well then you deserve a gold star and feel free to head down to the nearest office supply store and buy one, just one. So, here’s the best and worst of the Spring 2014 anime season.

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Final Impressions of the Spring 2014 Anime Season, Part 3 of 4

[Commie] Kenzen Robo Daimidaler - 01v2 [87F01112].mkv_snapshot_09.31_[2014.05.17_23.00.16]

It used to be that once an anime series sunk below a certain level of quality I’d automatically drop it – I didn’t have time for series like that. Slowly, though, my policy drifted to one where an anime had to do something seriously wrong and/or convince me that it had already shown me all it was capable of and there was little point in continuing before I drop it. This shift is evident in the anime series I cover today; one finished near the very bottom yet I finished watching it and others that finished near the middle were dropped hard. Read on to see which anime is which.

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Final Impressions of the Spring 2014 Anime Season, Part 2 of 4

[Commie] JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Stardust Crusaders - 01 [15873C3D].mkv_snapshot_19.17_[2014.05.19_02.38.01]

Next up is part 2 of this final look back at the Spring 2014 anime season. Every season has them – anime series that disappointed; they’re the flip side of anime series that were surprisingly good. This season had only a few surprising good series. Read on to see how many anime series disappointed this season.

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Final Impressions of the Spring 2014 Anime Season, Part 1 of 4

[Underwater] Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara - 08 (720p) [CC94A498].mkv_snapshot_08.04_[2014.05.27_02.55.14]Since I was in the mood, I had planned on writing a post about the best of the spring season like I’d last done a couple years ago but I quickly noticed that every category from Best Male Main Character to Best Seiyuu Cast to Best Animation to Best Action were being won by one of four anime: Tonari no Seki-kun, Hunter x Hunter, Ping Pong, and Knights of Sidonia. Sure, I thought to myself, this might hammer home how good these four anime were but it leaves the other 21 anime series I watched this season completely neglected and there were some terrible stinkers I wanted to call out for being so awful.

And there’s no better to start at then …

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Summer 2014 Anime Season Preview


The spring season is thankfully almost over. I’m not calling it the worst season in recent memory but I do know I routinely had trouble finding worthy series to fill all 5 spots on my weekly Anime Power Ranking ballot for the first time ever, even with watching more then 20 airing series. The biggest disappointment of the season has been JoJo. I appreciate a manga author taking risks by shifting time periods and main characters and powers like Hirohiko Araki has done with JoJo; however, Japanese Jojo and company (not including grandpa Jojo) are the weakest and blandest cast of the franchise and the bad guy of the week format does not allow any of the villains to really become memorable. I’m only going to continue watching because grandpa Jojo is still around; if something happens to him then I think I’m going to sit JoJo out until the next part gets adapted.

That’s enough dwelling on the past. Let’s turn our attention to the near future with the new season of anime. It looks like a pretty good season of anime.

I don’t mind laughing at myself; so, instead of merely listing all the new series or just the series I’m interested in, I’m going to predict which new anime series will rank in my top 10 of the summer 2014 season and revisit this list when we get to end of the season. I’m going to attempt to get this list right and pat myself on the back for my prognostication skills but I suspect its going to be hilariously wrong.

So, coming in at number 1, the anime I think will be the best new anime of summer is …

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Anime Pet Peeve #17: The OP/ED Gives Away Too Much of the Story

[Mezashite] Gokukoku no Brynhildr - 09 [E7A16F72].mkv_snapshot_21.23_[2014.06.20_02.00.03]Gokukoku no Brynhildr has been a trip. I’ve been unsure if it’s been a good trip or a bad trip since episode 1; though, I think I’m slowly deciding it’s been a good trip even with the anime trying to sabotage itself.

For those that aren’t watching Gokukoku no Brynhildr, this anime is about a group of high school girls who happen to be alien hybrids with superpowers and the efforts of the main character, a normal human high school boy, to protect them once they escaped from the secret lab that created them. The lab, being very smart people, created a fail-safe to deal with any girl that would become a danger to the lab. If these super-powered female alien hybrids can find a way to circumvent the fail-safe – which, when it activates, turns the girl into a pile of goo – it is possible to run away from the lab. (At least until the other fail-safe kicks in.)

At the end of episode 9, our band of scrappy heroes have just about turned an agent of the lab sent to retrieve them but the episode ends before showing if our heroes can disconnect this agent’s fail-safe. I’m pretty sure they were expecting this to be a cliffhanger ending to ensure we all would tune back in next week for episode 10; where, they’d tease us for as long as possible to ramp the tension up over will she get turned into a pile of goo or not.

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