Top Eight Anime of the Fall 2009 Season

Kobato is this season’s honorable mention.

The final part of my look at the surprisingly decent fall season is the countdown of the best titles of the season. This is always a difficult process since I enjoy so many different types of shows and there’s no clear-cut way of comparing a slice-of-life show to a shounen action show to a thought-provoking SF drama set in the near future but at the same time, it’s fun because it helps me focus on exactly why I like certain shows.

The first step in the process is to figure out how many places will this season’s top list include. The number changes from season-to-season based on the number of quality shows that I feel deserve to be mentioned. This narrowed the field down to eight shows and now the task turned to ranking these shows that I considered great shows of the season. Picking the number one spot was fairly easily but the rest of the list felt like pulling teeth so; whereas, I’ll argue that all eight of these shows belong on the list, I won’t argue to hard over the exact order.

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Two Year Anniversary of The Null Set and Getting 500,000 Hits on the Same Day

2010 promises to offer more awesomeness

I hope no one minds if I do a little jig. Not only does The Null Set turn 2 years old today, I reach such an absurdly high milestone on the same day.

Just a little jig because it still feels like I have a long way to go before becoming a master blogger and too much celebration feels out-of-place. Instead, I feel deeply indebted to everyone that’s visited, read my posts, left comments, and continue to come back. I hesitate to thank any person in particular since I’ll invariably forget someone I should thank and, of course, there’s many people who read this blog anonymously that I’d thank if I knew their names. However, I don’t want to miss this chance to thank people like Kitsune, Janette, RP, Suguru, Zzeroparticle, Panther, FuyuMaiden, Canne and Steven Den Beste for frequently leaving comments and running interesting anime blogs themselves. And other commenter’s like dodo, ray, JayyG and all the people who have commented (for some reason) on my single post about Aang the Avatar.

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Top Picks – Fall 2009 Anime, Part 3: VMA Awards

The final set of awards before going to my top shows of the season cover the music, vocal actors, and animation aspects of this season’s anime. Or the three parts to anime that are heavily dependent on the preferences of the individual viewer. :)

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Top Picks – Fall 2009 Anime, Part 2: Genre and Misfit Awards

For this next set of awards, a surprise show is making an appearance. (Maybe not so much of a surprise if you realize where the top picture comes from :) .) Based on how much I was loving Sora no Otoshimono this season and GA: Art Design Class from summer, I decided to give another show from AIC ASTA a chance after passing it over before. After devouring the first season over the past couple of weeks, I’ve just started on the second season – which started airing during this season – so while I’m not far enough into it that it has a chance to rank as one of my top shows of the season, there’s a few awards that I know it deserves to win.

Enough rambling, let’s head to the next batch of awards. :)

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Hanamaru Kindergarten ep.2 – Gainax Can Do Cute and Awesome at the Same Time

I’ll admit that I was a bit surprised how much I liked the first episode of Hanamaru Kindergarten. It fell far outside of what Gainax is known for – more reminiscent of a J.C. Staff show then a Gainax show. For the second episode, Gainax was able to keep the warm, slice-of-life, cuteness feel but they also slipped in some awesome stuff that reminded the viewer that they’re watching a Gainax show. Look below to see what I mean.

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Top Picks – Fall 2009 Anime, Part 1: Cast and Character Awards

I remember complaining about this season and how weak it was, and it was a pretty weak season, but now that we’re into the second week of the winter season I look back at the list of shows and can’t help feeling a little sad that many of these shows have ended. I’m sure there’ll be shows this season that I’ll get attached to (Hanamaru Kindergarten is a strong possibility) but they’re not there yet. So, maybe, it’s a good thing that I waited this long to do my seasonal anime awards.

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