Winter 2008 – 2009 Anime Preview and Watchlist


I figure it’s appropriate to start writing this on Turkey Day. Physically, I’m stuffed and yet I’m trying to figure out a way to have another piece of my Mom’s apple pie – it’s simply impossible to make a better pie crust then hers. Mentally, I’m stuffed from the huge number of great fall anime shows and yet I can’t help but get excited over the new season.

My criteria for picking shows is the same as last time. I’m looking for which animation house is doing it, if the summary/source material sound very enticing and if one of my favorite seiyuus will be involved.

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Anime Investigative Reports – What Are You Thankful For?


Happy Thanksgiving!

Every year on Thanksgiving, about the time my stomach is urgently signaling me to please stop eating, I think to myself that Thanksgiving was one of the most ingenious holidays created. It’s hard not to be thankful when you’re eating turkey with your family, eyeing the apple pie, and figuring which couch or chair you plan on crashing on afterwards.

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Biweekly Anime Review (Nov 9 – Nov 22)


I was hoping to get this out on Monday but I ended up putting up the Christmas tree instead, which can see pics of over at my personal blog.

As we’re nearing the midpoint of the season, it’s getting to be that time when I get to look ahead at the next anime season and reflect on the current season. Due to the high number of quality shows, I think it’s prudent to wait a few more episodes before posting my reflections but I hope to write my winter preview this week. Right now it’s time to look at the scores.

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Clannad Episode 8 – Stay Gold, Ponyboy


Before I begin I wanted to mention that my computer is giving me grief again. Hopefully it’s something simple this time like a faulty power supply, and not something expensive. This means I’m stuck using my circa 2002 laptop to watch anime and write my posts, so while I hope this doesn’t affect how much I write, it might.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, I don’t presume to think there’s many, you’ll have noticed that I don’t do episode review posts that often. Most episodes don’t give me enough to say to make doing one worthwhile but this episode made me want to write one. This post contains spoilers so read on at your own risk.

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Why isn’t autumn featured more in anime? + It’s winter now


One of the things that I’ve wondered about the Japanese is: why isn’t autumn featured more in anime? There’s countless examples of cherry blossoms during the spring in anime but there’s almost no emphasis on fall leaves which I think is just as lovely. This year, while watching my Japanese maple, I had an idea. As you know, Japanese maples have red leaves year round but they get redder for fall. The problem is that the added color lasts about 3 days before the leaf drops off quickly. So maybe, Japanese trees, in general, don’t stay colored long enough that autumn leaf watching became a cultural thing.

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